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Flower Vase Napkin Fold

Impress guests at your next garden party with a napkin fold that doubles as a take-home favor of freshly-picked flowers.

A napkin styled as a vase holds a bouquet of spring flowers.

Photography: Janelle Jones

Source: Martha Stewart


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  • Cloth napkin

  • Glass jar

  • Garden flowers


  1. Fold a square napkin in half.

    napkin fold diy
  2. Fold the top right-hand corner in at the center.

    napkin fold diy
  3. Fold the opposite corner (bottom left-hand) in so that they meet at the center, forming a rhombus shape.

    napkin fold diy
  4. Flip napkin over. Fold front-facing half of napkin up, lining edges. Leave left-hand flap unfolded and lying flat.

    napkin fold diy
  5. Reach underneath napkin and unfold the right flap so it lays flat.

    napkin fold diy
  6. Roll folded napkin around a small vase.

    napkin fold diy
  7. Turn upright, unfurling flaps as desired.

    napkin fold diy

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