Homemade Soap

Learn how to make soap at home with our easy tutorials and recipes. Choose natural ingredients like organic goat milk for making soap bars from scratch, or have fun with one of our easy melt-and-pour soap projects.

Most Popular

Oatmeal Soap
Organic rolled oats and honey come together as an all-natural soap that will leave your skin looking radiant and feeling super soft.
Homemade Glycerin Soap
Beautiful soaps are easy to make with a melt-and-pour technique—just add food coloring and mold using recycled milk cartons.
Foaming Hand Soap
Make your own solution at home with just a little castile soap, carrier oil, essential oils.
Fruit and Herb Soaps
Soap can be crafted using just what's inside your pantry. Look for natural ingredients like citrus peels, berries, and herbs, then add them to the glycerin base using an easy melt-and-pour technique.

More Homemade Soap

Pressed-Flower Bar Soap
Spring is in full bloom—and so are these lovely handmade soaps. Pick your favorite flower—crushed rose petals, lavender buds, or bluebonnets—and try our easy melt-and-pour technique.
How to Make Coffee Body Scrub, Oil, and Soap
Experience the buzz-worthy benefits of this natural ingredient.
Liquid Soap

This homemade mixture combines unscented castile soap with moisturizing sweet almond oil, raw honey, and herbal eucalyptus. It's gentle on the skin and perfect for handwashing.