The Prettiest Labels To Help You Stay Organized

OK pantry, we're coming for you.

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From the kitchen to your home office, labels are a foolproof way to make your home more organized: They transform cluttered cabinets, linen closets, spice racks, and more into systematized joy. But making labels that are both functional and beautiful can be a challenge, which is why we've rounded up our favorite products that will help you store smarter and add style to your space. These elegant DIY labeling techniques-from stamped leather to personalized embossing-will leave you wanting to put a name on everything in your home.

The Home Edit

The Home Edit is your ultimate source for organization envy-take one look at their website and your inner neat freak will start doing cartwheels. In addition to storage supplies, the home organization company offers gorgeous script labels for spice jars and pantry items as well as fully customizable labels on clear or chalkboard paper. Think: organizing your shoes by brand name! Choose from white, black, or gold ink and the font type you favor and they'll take care of hand printing them.


Free Printable Labels

If you're in search of budget-friendly labeling options, the Internet is an amazing resource. Pinterest is stacked with a seemingly endless array of so-pretty, so free labels that you can print at home-just search "printable labels" and have at it. Check out our array of simple DIY labels (free templates included!) for everything from notebooks to bottles of maple syrup.

Cricut Explore Machine

If you love thinking of creative ways to decorate and arrange your home, the Cricut Explore is about to make your DIY label dreams come true. The super intuitive electronic cutting machine slices through everything from cardstock to thin metal with ease. You can use it to makes cards or decorations for a birthday party, print initials on canvas sneakers or a bottle of wine, or create custom labels for all of your worldly possessions. Cricut's free design software has endless templates to offer (Stencils! Wooden wall art! Quilt blocks!), or you can upload your own images. What can't this genius device do?

flour avery label

Avery labels

Avery is a great resource for designing your own labels: Template options are endless and you can print at home. Smooth them onto canisters to keep everything from pantry goods to toiletries to art supplies organized. Made of the kind of cling material used for festive window decorations, these decals peel off and can be reapplied after your clean the interior of your canisters or swap out the contents.

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Washi Tape

We'll jump at the opportunity to use washi tape any day. The special Japanese adhesive comes in tons of bright prints and colors and has endless label-making potential. You can use it to color-coordinate a tangled mess of wires, wrap around the rim of potted plants, customize gift tags or keys, or label the spine of notebooks or binders.

custom leather labels
Courtesy of Etsy

Handmade Leather Labels

These custom-stamped vegetable tanned leather tags from Etsy are a super chic way to add a personal touch to textiles like hand towels, scarves, or knitted hats. All you have to do is indicate what text you'd like on your label and whether you prefer black, brown, or natural leather, then hand-stitch them on or use glue to adhere them to jars.

brother ptouch label maker
Courtesy of Brother

The Brother P-Touch Label Maker is your go-to gadget for keeping track of anything at home or in the office. It features 14 fonts, 97 frames, and a fun array of fashionable colors and prints, so it couldn't be easier personalize your tags to match your belongings. Best part? It works in seconds.

pantry organization canisters of dry goods and snacks
The Home Edit

Paint Pens

Looking for a labeling method that's temporary and super simple? Try using paint pens, like these fine-tipped Sharpie markers. They're great for keeping spice jars or glass food canisters organized: the ink won't come off when wiped with a paper towel and water, but if you scrub the label with an abrasive sponge or pop them in the dishwasher, they're good as new. Gone are the days of accidentally adding salt in place of sugar.

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