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8 Truly Stunning Spring Brunch Recipes

  • Photos by Anson Smart
  • Recipes by Shira Bocar

Brunch is a glorious thing, whether you’re celebrating Easter or just a wide-open weekend day. These recipes—from unexpected drinks to a fanciful cake—are flush with painterly hues and the season’s freshest offerings.

Start with Flashes of Color

Splashed into mimosas, carrot juice brings a rich earthiness—plus visual oomph and wellness points—to the classic libation.

Serve a Platter of Spring

Put a creative twist on the French snack of radishes, salt, and good butter. Gather a rainbow of petite vegetables (right now fiddleheads, asparagus, cucumbers, and baby carrots are abundant), and dip them in butter whisked with lemon zest: It’s a garden on a plate.

Offer Something Creamy and Beautiful

These mini Easter eggs don’t crack; they melt in your mouth when spread on crackers. Roasted spring onions infuse soft goat cheese with a garlicky bite (scallions do the job, too), and purple chive blossoms and pink peppercorns accent them in pastels. Make these lovelies up to three days in advance.

Arrange a Bouquet of Radishes

Cooked watermelon radishes (left) have magical powers: They take on a deep-fuchsia shade and a sweet, peppery flavor. Easter-egg radishes (right) in a trio of pastels become equally ravishing. When sliced paper-thin (a Japanese mandoline is your friend here) and baked on top of a cauliflower-and-heavy-cream purée, both varieties shrink into frilly “flowers.”

Toss a Tumble of Greens

You’ll want to eat this warm and tender salad straightaway. But the peas can hang out quietly on the stove top while the main dish is in the oven. Then toss in the lettuce and butter for a quick sauté just before showtime.

Roast Some Fish

A ham or leg of lamb typically takes the stage on Easter, which is why a surprise from the sea steals the show. In a nod to gravlax, this salmon is marinated (rather than cured) with beets and dill, giving it a semiprecious glow on a bed of crisp, artfully shingled potatoes.

Shower Your Guests with Powdered Cookies

These shortbread rounds are loaded with almonds, but their sweet colors and extra hits of flavor come from finely ground freeze-dried fruits (we used blueberry, raspberry, and mango) mixed with confectioners’ sugar. Just sift it on and serve.

Finish with a Cool Confection

The layers of cake in this heavenly dessert are made with cornmeal, for a chewy contrast to the smooth melt of ice cream. Assemble it a few days in advance, and on the day of your gathering, whip the cream frosting and top it with a swath of strawberries and chopped pistachios.