The sugar glaze and plum-jam filling in Martha's Russian gingerbread cookies takes them to a whole new level.

Updated October 08, 2020
russian gingerbread pryaniki
Credit: Mike Krautter

Whether or not it's nearing the holidays, some treats are just too delicious not to enjoy even after the presents have been opened and the Christmas tree has been taken down. The three cookies we're sharing definitely fall into that category. Flavors like ginger and tangy farmer's cheese abound in these delicious creations. Who wouldn't want to enjoy them for as long as possible? From an elevated take on gingerbread cookies to kolaches, all three of these recipes hail from Eastern Europe and deserve a spot in your dessert rotation all year long.

russian gingerbread pryaniki
Credit: Mike Krautter

Russian Gingerbread Cookies (Priyaniki)

While we love some Basic Gingerbread Cookies, these flavorful treats take on a more traditional round cookie shape—and they feature a surprise filling. Gingerbread cookies are also associated with Christmas in Russia but easily transition into an everyday treat. Pryaniki translates to well-spiced, and the cookies live up to the name: They're loaded with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and cloves. Plum jam goes in the middle of these Russian Gingerbread Cookies (Priyaniki), and a lemony glaze serves as the final flourish.

kolache cookies
Credit: Mike Krautter


You'll find these glazed, jam-filled Kolache cookies in bakeries throughout Eastern Europe, and not just during the holiday season. In the mid-1800s, kolaches were brought by Czech immigrants to Texas, where they're still popular today. They're similar in appearance to tried and true breakfast pastries and are equally delicious.

goose feet cookies
Credit: Mike Krautter

Goose Feet Cookies (Gusinie Lapki)

Russian for goose feet, gusinie lapki are named for their unique folded shape, although you might have to squint to see the resemblance! Farmer's cheese in the dough delivers tangy flavor and gives the cookies a pleasingly tender crumb. They're flavored with orange zest and vanilla bean for a refreshing and sweet taste sure to please even the most discerning of palettes.


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