Cheesy, colorful, and nutritious, your kids will eat this Easter brunch right up.
easter chick and egg cookies
Credit: Chelsea Cavanaugh

Running around searching for eggs and eagerly waiting for the Easter bunny to arrive are surefire ways to make both kids and adults work up an appetite. Start the special Sunday with a nutrient-filled brunch featuring homemade carrot juice and a colorful selection of spring vegetables to dip in our Lemony White-Bean Hummus. The main dish is an ooey-gooey ham and cheese casserole—just the thing to give the hungry hunters. Plus, it's a dish that everyone will love. Serve asparagus topped with festive carrot bunny cutouts alongside the main attraction. For dessert, place your favorite store-bought Easter candy in tiny homemade coconut macaroon baskets; we like that these double as the sweetest table decorations. For the final touch of Easter joy, whip up a batch of our adorable bake-ahead Chick and Egg-Shaped Cookies. Our foolproof and kid-friendly Easter brunch is sure to be everyone's new favorite holiday meal.

Credit: David Malosh

To Drink: Carrot, Apple, and Lemon Juice

Fresh carrot juice is both tasty and a fitting way to start an Easter meal. Juicing the carrots, apples, and lemons, which bring sweetness and tang, gives the drink a lemonade-like appeal. If you don't have a juicer, don't fret. Most stores sell bottled carrot juice; just combine that with apple and fresh lemon juice.

Credit: Dana Gallagher

Start: Lemony White-Bean Hummus

Arrange a colorful vegetable patch of spring crudités around a bowl of this creamy mixture crafted with cannellini beans. The Lemony White-Bean Hummus can be made a day ahead and stored covered in the refrigerator. Now that the first new vegetables of the season are arriving at the market, look for tender young carrots and sweet sugar snap peas—both will be hits with the kids. Put out celery, fennel, and radishes for the adults and more adventurous little ones.

ham and cheese strata

Main: Ham-and-Cheese Strata

This easy-to-make yet sophisticated casserole, known as Ham-and-Cheese Strata, is basically a savory French toast with cheese. Assemble it the night before by soaking the bread and fixings (in this case Easter ham, cheese, and scallions) in an egg mixture. Pop it in the oven to bake in the morning. You'll know it's done when the strata puffs up and has a crunchy golden top.

Credit: John Kernick

Side: Asparagus with Mustardy Vinaigrette

Adorn this Asparagus and Mustardy Vinaigrette with edible bunny cutouts made from carrots for a playful side. Asparagus is a fun vegetable for kids—they can hold a spear and eat from top to bottom or bottom to top. And serving them vinaigrette on the side means that only those who want it need have it.

Credit: Aaron Dyer

Dessert: Coconut Macaroon Nests and Easter Chick Cookies

Part table decoration, part dessert, part excuse to eat more Easter candy, that's these Coconut Macaroon Nests and Easter Chick Cookies which serve as diminutive Easter baskets. They're made from coconut macaroons and filled with mini Easter candies, like chocolate eggs and jelly beans. Place a few peeps on top of the nests for a super-cute finish.

Which came first: the chicken cookie or the egg cookie? When you make these Easter treats (seen above), they all come at the same time, from the same dough and the same cookie cutter—and it's a cutter you probably already have. Just pinch one end of a round cookie cutter to create an egg shape, then roll out the lemony shortbread dough, stamp out the cookies, and bake. Decorating can be a fun family project the day before your brunch. Set up a selection of sanding sugars, mini chocolate chips, and candy and have little fingers add the sanding sugar, chocolate-chip eyes, and candy beaks.

Watch how to make the Easter Egg and Chick Cookies:


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