It’s sparking some major joy in our lives.

March 04, 2018
Courtesy of Cuyana

Marie Kondo is on a roll - and we're here for it. The organizing maven from Japan became an international sensation with the release of her best-seller, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" (since the translated edition was released in 2014, there's been more than eight million copies sold in over 40 countries).

The home keeping tome guides readers through her KonMari Method, a decluttering philosophy based on the Japanese believe that people should only surround themselves with items that spark joy.

It's an intriguing concept, especially when we take one look around at our overflowing closets and piled high pantries. Our editor even gave it a try.

The method has become so famous Netflix just ordered an eight-episode reality show from Kondo. That's right, the gap "Fixer Upper" left in your life has officially been filled. Prepare to block off your calendar for some quality binging.

TACKLE CLUTTER: Using the KonMari Method
Courtesy of Cuyana

And that's not all. For the first time the organizing guru has collaborated on a fashion line. And it's so pretty. Kondo teamed up with San Francisco-based accessories brand Cuyana to create a collection of travel jewelry cases, that truth be told, we would use all the time, not just when on the-go. And the collaboration makes perfect sense. Cuyana's own philosophy calls for shoppers to buy fewer, higher-quality items in order to keep clutter down.

Inspired by Japanese bento boxes, the collection is made up of three sets of mini leather cases in three gorgeous feminine color schemes named "joy," "fun," and "love" - you know, the feelings you get when your stuff is actually in order and you're not spending 25 minutes looking for an earring post. The sets retail for $180 and are meant to fit perfectly inside a larger jewelry box that retails for $115 and can be monogrammed.

Did someone just say the perfect Mother's Day gift?



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