These eggs-traordinary decorations can be dyed and painted to any color scheme. And when arranged totem-style, they make a surprising centerpiece for the Easter table.
stacked Easter egg centerpiece

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This idea comes from our contributor David Stark.

"At David Stark Design and Production, we love to play with the unexpected, bringing spirited whimsy to our work," he says. "This year, as we thought about Easter, a holiday synonymous with pastel, we thought it would be beautiful (while no less celebratory) to build a tablescape around a cooler color palette — literally. We found ourselves utterly charmed by this sweet blue and green watercolor dot print by Designer's Guild, which inspired our out-of-the-box Easter egg centerpieces."

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

stacked Easter egg centerpiece
Step 1

Dye raw eggs to desired colors, referring to our Egg Dyeing tutorial and Color Charts. Optional: Let eggs dry on a homemade drying rack.

stacked Easter egg centerpiece
Step 2

Once eggs have dried, use a small hammer and nail to gently tap a small hole into the top and bottom of each egg; gently blow out the contents.

stacked Easter egg centerpiece
Step 3

Paint the wooden eggs in desired colors.

Stacked Easter egg centerpiece
Step 4

Drill a small hole into the top center of each wooden egg and insert the wooden dowel or skewer. Next, carefully thread on the emptied eggs. Trim off any excess dowel once you've added as many eggs as desired. 


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