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The Wing Dumbo
Credit: Courtesy of the Wing

Everyone knows The Wing's signature color. It's pale, creamy, and undeniably pink. But it's not the pink of layettes and Easter eggs. It's a patriarchy-smashing pink - like the concept itself, it's a celebration of unabashed femininity with depth. It's surprisingly practical and even more surprisingly affordable. (More on that later.) And like the other design elements throughout the breakout female-only co-working and community space it's intentional and memorable.

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The Wing Dumbo
Credit: Courtesy of the Wing

The Wing opened its third New York location in Dumbo, Brooklyn today, and the interiors dream team behind the SoHo and Flatiron locations - designer Chiara de Rege and architect Alda Ly - united again to create a working woman's mecca that feels equal parts "co-working" and "clubhouse."

"We always strive to create bright spaces that still make people feel warm and fuzzy when they're inside them," says Audrey Gelman who along with Lauren Kassan founded the members club in 2016.

The Dumbo location, housed in a 9,000-square-foot former tape factory, pays homage to the building's industrial origins, keeping exposed beams and columns and concrete flooring, while layering on their crisp signature palette of modernized pastels and pale wood accents.

The Wing Dumbo

Speaking of those pastels. De Rege cut Benjamin Moore's Bride to Be with Chantilly Lace to create the club house's signature blush shade. She used anywhere from a quarter to a half of the bright white paint for a custom color. "We didn't want our pink to go Pepto Bismol, so it has an undertone that's a little peachy and almost comes across a bit nude - it's more timeless than a regular pink," she explains.

To keep the color relevant beyond the heyday of Millennial Pink, the designers balanced their Palm Beach palette with navy blue, marigold yellow and rich greens, found across the furnishing and lighting fixtures. De Rege also leaned on tactile, eye-grabbing fabrics - cushy velvet, plush chenille - to provide "depth and texture" without losing the airy comfort of the two-floor location. "In a space with so much natural light, blues and greens can feel very powerful," she says.

Here, De Rege and Gelman weigh in how to add chic layers to your own design.

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Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan at the Wing Dumbo
Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan founded the woman-only club and co-working space in 2016.
| Credit: Courtesy of the Wing

Go color-coded

Each of the Wing's location houses a functional library available for members to browse and borrow, but they also serve as a significant decorative element within the space.

To keep the centerpiece looking tidy, De Rege opted to style based on color. Not only does it look cool, it encourages self-organization. "The maintenance is just making sure the books stay within the spectrum of colors," she explains.

The Wing Dumbo sunken living room
Credit: Courtesy of the Wing

Create Intimate Nooks

As the Wing's first ground-floor location, De Rege saw the opportunity to finally fulfill her dream of installing a sunken living room. The retro-cool design feature inserts seating several feet below floor-level for a truly immersive lounge experience. Appropriately deemed a "conversation pit," Dumbo features a dramatic, emerald green version. "It was almost like bringing a bit of nature inside," said De Rege.

The nest-like communal seating is indicative of the intentional design through the rest of the spacious location, which was an exciting challenge for the Wing. "It's a large space and we want our spaces to feel intimate, so we incorporated design that we think will foster serendipitous run-ins between people," Gelman explains.

Credit: Courtesy of the Wing

Add Style to Function

The Dumbo location also features a podcast room, a soundproof studio space for members to record segments, practice public speaking, or prep for auditions. To keep it stylish, De Rege chartered acoustical panels from contemporary Spanish upholstered furniture makers, Missana in quilted gray and yellow ultrasuede.

"Instead of foam ceilings or padded walls, we chose geometric half moons and color-blocked fabrics to make it a decorative element," she said. "For a podcast room that's really fun and functional, but you could also use them in an office space or a playroom. It adds one more layer of thought to an environment."

Invest In "Me" Space

Both a Beauty Room and a Wellness Room make appearances in the Dumbo location. For Gelman, creating a comfortable, pretty space for women to shower, change, and refresh from day-to-night or between meetings was imperative. Dumbo's octagonal Beauty Room features a simple sconce hung over each mirror for flattering light at every angle. Pampering? Yes. Practical? Absolutely.

"We think women often have to do their makeup in a restaurant or a coffee shop and then pretend like they didn't do it," says Gelman. "They're made to feel frivolous when they engage in a routine that most women share. Our view is that we should create infrastructure that makes it easier for women. Then they can go on living their lives."

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