16 St. Patrick's Day Desserts for a Sweet Ending to Your Feast

chocolate stout cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day
Photo: Chelsea Cavanaugh

Finish your March 17 feast with a festive sweet or two from our collection of St. Patrick's Day desserts. Choose from classic recipes like Celtic knot cookies and sticky toffee pudding, ones made with traditional Irish flavors like whiskey, or choose a dessert with an emerald green hue. If you're serving a crowd, cupcakes are the way to go, and we've got options with decadent flavors and decorations just right for the holiday. For a fun and delicious ending, try Irish potato candy, a sweet treat that looks like spuds.

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Irish Coffee Sundaes

St. Patrick’s Parfait Brownie Sundae with Whiskey-Caramel Sauce
Pippa Drummond

Picture a mashup of Irish coffee and a brownie ice-cream sundae. It's as good as you imagine. This scrumptious, lightly spiked dessert is a fabulous way to end your St. Patrick's Day meal.

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End-of-the-Rainbow Cookies

end of the rainbow slice and bake cookies with peanut butter cups
Johnny Fogg

Ensure you find the pot of gold every time with these cheerful St. Patrick's Day cookies

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Marzipan Leprechaun Hats

marzipan leprechaun hats
Chris Simpson

No magic is needed to assemble these bite-sized bowlers; store-bought cupcakes, chocolate wafer cookies, and pre-made marzipan do the trick.

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Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce

Johnny Miller

A rich, moist date cake is teamed with an equally luxe caramel sauce in this crowd-pleasing dessert. It makes the perfect sweet ending for a St. Patrick's Day brunch or dinner.

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Pistachio Cannoli Cake

pistachio cannoli cake

An emerald green dessert is a great way to end a St. Patrick's Day dinner. This showstopping cake gets its green hue from pistachios and there's a mouthwatering cannoli-style filling of ricotta, chopped chocolate, and candied orange zest.

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Chewy Irish-Coffee Blondies


Transform the popular drink into a bar cookie by adding ground coffee to the batter and doctoring the sugar glaze with Irish whiskey.

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Irish Stout Cupcakes

Steven Karl Metzer

Enjoy the classic dark malty Irish brew in the form of a cupcake this St. Patrick's Day. Featuring mint white chocolate ganache, and green sprinkles, these rich treats are a crowd-pleasing dessert option.

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Coddled Pears in Whiskey

Martyn Thompson

Be sure to use Irish whiskey for this elegant yet indulgent poached pear dessert. And be sure to serve with both ice cream and whipped cream!

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Green Tea Crepe Cake


Light-as-a-feather crepes—24 to be exact—are layered with matcha pastry cream and sprinkled with more of the green tea powder in this impressive cake.

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Irish Potato Candy


Take a closer look at these "potatoes." They're actually candy confections made with butter, cream cheese, vanilla, powdered sugar, and walnuts. Rolling them in cinnamon and adding walnut "eyes" give them the appearance of bona fide spuds.

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Celtic Knot Cookies

celtic knot cookies
Mike Krautter

Sometimes called jumbles, these intricate cookies are flavored with vanilla, anise, and caraway seeds and finished with a dusting of confectioners' sugar.

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Irish Coffee Cupcakes


Irish coffee-inspired flavors set these cupcakes apart—espresso goes into the batter, and the whipped-cream frosting is spiked with Irish whiskey.

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Spiced Apple Cake

Anna Williams

This easy apple cake shows why apple desserts are a favorite in Ireland—as well as in many other cuisines.

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Pistachio Spritz Pinwheels


A touch of almond extract brings out the buttery flavor of pistachios in these pressed cookies, while a couple drops of food coloring amp up the green hue.

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Chocolate-Stout Cupcakes

chocolate stout cupcakes
Chelsea Cavanaugh

A bottle of stout adds complexity to the batter for these decadent chocolate cupcakes. They're finished with cream cheese frosting, gold chocolate "shamrocks," and sugared lime zest "stems."

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Clover Cookies


Green sanding sugar and our easy stencil are all you need to transform sugar cookies into kid-approved lucky charms.

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