It's the hue du jour.

By Emily Vasquez
February 23, 2018

Adieu, "millennial pink" - A new year means introducing new colors to our palette. This year, it's lavender that has our full attention, and it hardly comes as a surprise with Pantone's announcement of "Ultra-Violet" as Color of the Year. According to their research, shades of purple spark creativity and inspires "visionary thinking." (And you know we're all about that.) Here are just a few ways you can integrate this soothing, mystical shade of lavender into your life...

1. With a relaxing soak in lavender "tub tea."

2. Or in a simple floral arrangement that reminds you to take a moment to smell the roses delphiniums.

3. As we celebrate a birthday, a change in season, or even a new arrival.

4. Or indulge in sweet confections you simply can't resist.

Sang An

5. And it's true: sometimes matchy-matchy is a good thing.

6. As we freshen up our living spaces with fragrant sachets.

7. Come Easter time, we give in to these soft-hued beauties.

Aaron Dyer

8. Or these totally glammed-out glittered eggs.

Mike Krautter

9. But then again, floral arrangements in eggshells are simply enchanting.

11. By indulging in aromatic delights to soothe, calm, and rejuvenate.

12. Or an ultra-moisturizing lavender lip balm.

Bryan Gardner

13. Or practice Self-care Sunday another way - with an au natural body scrub.

14. And of course, we can't forget about taking it outside, where it all starts.

Gabriela Herman

Bonus idea! Watch how to make a pretty-in-pink tablecloth for your next party:


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