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Go Tropical, Here's Our Winter Dinner Escape Menu

Head to a sunny place with tonight’s family meal.

chicken pineapple cucumber salad
Photography by: Johnny Miller

Right now, don’t we all need an escape from winter? Wouldn’t something a bit tropical be just right? We can’t offer a vacation, but we do have a bright menu filled with sunny foods that will make your next family dinner night feel like a getaway.


To start, there’s a colorful take on guacamole that's served with plantain chips. Then for the main, a chili-rubbed chicken that evokes Jamaican jerk chicken but without the heat, so it's small fry-friendly. A brightly flavored side salad plays up sweet and savory and pairs well with fully-loaded coconut rice—yes, coconut! Finish the meal with a major pop of color and tropical fruit flavor for dessert.

marthas classic guacamole
Photography by: Chelsea Cavanaugh

START WITH: Martha's Classic Guacamole

Tonight’s guacamole is no ordinary guac and not just because it is one of Martha’s go-to recipes. What makes it special?  Hard-boiled eggs, an unexpected ingredient, are added to the guacamole along with cherry tomatoes resulting in a vibrant and delicious dip. Up the tropical vibe and serve it with plantain chips.


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Main: Broiled Chicken Thighs with Pineapple-Cucumber Salad

The combination of lime zest and chili powder brings more to the table than you’d think. It gives chicken thighs a zesty flavor and an island vibe. Pineapple is one tropical ingredient that is surprisingly easy to get year-round. Here it combines with cucumber for a refreshing side salad that definitely feels like summer.


Watch how to make this easy, tropical entrée:

Get the Broiled Chicken Thighs with Pineapple-Cucumber Salad Recipe
coconut rice

Side: Coconut Rice

Simmering rice in coconut milk adds an unexpected tropical note to an everyday side dish. Don’t stop there—up the ante by adding bacon and beans to give this side more island flavor.


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Dessert: Mango Parfait

A vibrant layered mango parfait brightens any cold gray day. Store-bought frozen mangos are packaged at their peak ripeness, so take the guesswork out of picking ripe fresh mangos and sub thawed frozen chunks—it’s easier and more delicious when fresh mangoes aren’t in season. And of course, a tropical menu wouldn’t be complete without more coconut, so let everyone top their parfait with coconut flakes.


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