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Needle-Felted Rainbow Heart Garland

Wool roving easily gets transformed into a rainbow heart garland perfect for a Valentine's Day celebration or for the everyday as nursery décor (both soft and shatterproof).

felted heart garland

Photography: Kara Whitten

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our contributor Kara Whitten.


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  • Felting needle tool (Pictured: Felting needle tool, $17,

  • Wool roving (1/2 ounce of each color per heart)

  • Needle-felting mat

  • Embroidery needle

  • Cotton twine


  1. Stretch out a length of roving and roll in the ends from each side to form a heart shape.

    felted heart garland
  2. Place the roving on your felting mat, adjusting the roving as needed.

    felted heart garland
  3. Felt the roving by repeatedly pricking the fibers all over with the needle tool until it starts to bind together and become matted; continue felting until the heart form becomes firm and shrinks.

    felted heart garland
  4. Repeat felting with all the colors of your wool roving to produce multiple hearts.

  5. Once the hearts are completely felted, assemble your garland: Thread your embroidery needle with twine and stitch through the top of each heart. Fold the ends of the twine over and tie to create a loop on each side of the garland for hanging.

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