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Martha's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe photo courtesy of Mike Krautter

Martha's made many versions of these cookies over the years. Her latest, greatest recipe boasts crisp edges, chewy centers, and best of all, lots and lots of chocolate chips -- a whopping 4 1/2 cups go into the batter.

Source: Martha Bakes, Episode 903



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  • elizabethwebbw
    21 OCT, 2018
    I love following Martha's recipes. I feel like I've made these cookies with my mother before and they were the best I've ever had. I just baked them again and they are delicious, but not quite what I remember. I am a new college graduate so I don't have a mixer. I mixed everything by strong arms so that could have made a difference. My eggs were also not room temperature. I do however think the bake time is too long. I would recommend only 8-10 minutes unless you like crunchy cookies. I like chewy cookies with a light colored base. My first batch was crunchier (still soft in the middle) whereas my second batch was much chewier and a lighter color and tasted better. Overall, love Martha's recipes. I probably messed up somewhere. Still going to share them with co-workers!
  • bonniesull3949255
    9 AUG, 2018
    These cookies were awesome. Wanted something special for neighbor recovering from surgery whose favorite cookies are chocolate chip . I refrigerated them overnight and they baked just beautifully. Didn't have correct size ice cream scoop but, used coffee measuring spoon which worked in a pinch. Will be investing in ice cream scoop for future batches. These are my new favorite chocolate chip cookies. A big thank you Martha!
  • melainaandrews
    9 JUL, 2018
    I made these babies !! I used a 12oz pkg and about 1/4-1/2 another one because its what I had on hand. I didn't put in fridge because I had a pack of wild dogs nipping at my heels for them :-) They came out fantastic!! Very well received! I also used light brown sugar it's all I had in the house!! Love this Martha!
  • MS11849938
    23 MAY, 2018
    These really are too sweet, not for the health reasons, but just as far as taste goes. Also, despite refrigerating first, they really spread! They are tasty and everyone is eating them, but I would go back to my good old tollhouse recipe with equal parts sugars next time.
  • yvonnecc
    8 MAY, 2018
    I followed the recipe as written with one exception: I used 4 cups of chocolate chips (all I had on hand) and 1/2 cup of walnuts. They were delicious . A good mix between crisp and chewy. The comment about this not being a healthy cookie is silly. Chocolate chip cookies are decadent and that's the recipe she gave us. She had a season of recipes using a bit more healthy or unusual ingredients for meals and baking. Try those if that's what you are looking for and don't knock an excellent recipe for rich chocolate chip cookies. I made a lot of batter and put some in my freezer. I'll definitely make these again and again!
  • smbarone208565716
    1 MAY, 2018
    People reviewing the cookie need to stick to how the recipe worked or didn't work, not their notions of what is healthy. If you think it's not healthy, don't make it. I don't think Martha ever said, "This is a healthy cookie recipe." It's a decadent cookie. It's a cookie you make for your loved ones who love them some chocolate chip cookies. I made this as directed, and I would say it rivals Tollhouse's recipe." I personally would not have used all 4+ cups of chocolate chips -- 3 would be fine -- and would add walnuts for a break from chocolate; however, my hubby likes chocolate chip cookies and was in the room when this episode aired. He said, "Oh, you have to make that." I wasn't about to change a thing. The combination of butter and dark brown and white sugars gives the cookies a nutty flavor. I have not had cookies hardened since making these 3 days ago and layering with wax paper in a metal tin. They are still crunchy outside and chewy inside a few days later. When using the convection oven function though, I did find the time is a bit longer for each batch to bake. Watch for the edges to brown. I had to put a batch back in because the cookies would cave if I lifted them. They weren't set. I am planning to make these for a church bake sale this Friday. I have a feeling these will sell out fast.
  • pastorebon6871358
    20 APR, 2018
    Another insanely over-sugared recipe from Martha. There are 2 cups of sugar (14 oz) PLUS 30 ounces of chocolate to make just 24 cookies: 44 oz of sugar and chocolate in all. That means 11 teaspoons of sugar per cookie. That's nearly 1/4 CUP of sugar in each! Would you ever serve a single one of these to your child? Or eat one yourself? Martha, wake up and please use your skills to create desserts we can actually eat without giving ourselves diabetes. No one needs (or should eat) these.

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