They're business partners, best friends, and (most important of all) sisters.

By Alexandra Lim-Chua Wee
February 13, 2018
rajeswaran sister galentines

Editor's Note: In the spirit of Galentine's Day, we're profiling powerful women duos in the creative industry - party planners, stylists, designers, makers, and more - who demonstrate innovation and embody entrepreneurial empowerment. In other words, they're #SoMartha.

When it comes to conquering the DIY world, Anusha Rajeswaran the crafty blogger behind Fish & Bull and her sister Kristina the owner of online handmade jewelry shop Buy Some Love prefer to do it together. Kristina's never even hesitated to lend her sister a hand - literally. "I often ask her to give me feedback or proofread [blog posts]," says Anusha. "Or to be a hand model!"

The two crafters admit that it doesn't hurt that they have similar tastes when making creative decisions. Plus, they've pretty much mastered the art of communication by now. "We've had years of practice!" Anusha says.

Of course, working with family does comes with its share of hurdles. "Our most difficult challenges are personal ones, like when a family member recently got sick," she says. "It can be difficult to keep the business going during times when we're both affected." But even when the going gets tough, their sisterly bond stays strong. "The great thing is that we [both] understand and share the burden. Our dreams keep us motivated."

MAKE: Anusha's Adorable DIY Earring Holder
diy wood triangle earring holder

Like every great duo, these ladies have also found ways to champion their own strengths to complement one another: Anusha, as a contributor for Martha Stewart, admits that she's best at staying on top of the newest creative trends. Meanwhile, Kristina is the more business-minded of the two (she recently launching her products in local retailers like Merrily Merrily and DesignNook). "My favorite orders have been working on DIY jewelry kits for a local children's hospital and creating sweet jewelry for school father-daughter dances," she says.

"She's also the big sister," jokes Anusha. "So being the boss in our professional relationship comes naturally to her."

MAKE: Anusha's Scalloped Clay Jewelry Dishes
diy scalloped clay trinket dish

The best part about being working together? "We laugh a lot," says Anusha. "And as creative entrepreneurs, we're [both] able to bounce ideas off each other and share tips which is so helpful in this industry!" Sure, they may not always agree on the best way do something, but these sisters are in sync about one thing: "It's so rewarding to share this journey with a friend!"

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