Our suggestion? Find one that reflects your personality.
vintage compact mirrors
Credit: Chelsea Cavanaugh

No need to glance at a window or pull out your phone when you have one of these vintage compacts tucked in your purse. They're still plentiful, not too precious for every day (many inexpensive ones were gifts with a purchase at department stores), and handy for stowing mints or pills.

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Painted enamel ones with flower motifs are ultrafeminine; black-and-gold deco styles bring the glamour. Metal varieties, whether covered in glossy "scales" or sleek and silver, have a more modern feel. And others, like the mother-of-pearl beauty above, are as chic as the designer compacts they copy. (To check out midcentury rarities by Chanel and Dior, go to eBay.) Find one that reflects your aesthetic, and everything will click into place.

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