There's no cuter way to say "I ruff you!" to someone you adore than pairing up in these punny costumes.
puppy love costumes

These costume ideas come from our friends at and were made at our Punny Valentine's Day Kids Crafternoon. Felted add-ons — like ears, tails, and one sticking-out tongue — easily make a comfy hoodie into a cuddly costume.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

valentines day costumes puppy love
Step 1

To make the puppy nose, eyes, and mouth: Cut two matching muzzle shapes from light grey felt and blanket stitch together with the light grey thread and needle. When you have about 2 inches left open, stuff with polyfil and continue stitching closed. Use a black marker to draw a straight line down the center of the muzzle and small black dots on either side of the line. Cut four matching red hearts for the eyes. Blanket stitch two sets together with red thread. When you have about 1 inch left open, stuff with polyfil and continue stitching closed. Cut a rounded hot pink tongue from felt and hot glue at an angle to the back bottom of the muzzle. Hot glue the pom-pom nose to the center top of the muzzle, and the stuffed heart eyes to either side of the nose. Hot glue a pin to the back of the muzzle to easily attach to the top of the hoodie.

valentines day costumes puppy love
Step 2

To make the ears: Cut two matching purple or turquoise felt ears, and two light grey inner ears. Hot glue one light grey ear to one purple or turquoise ear. Then hot glue a pinback to the top of the ear on the light grey side. 

valentines day costumes puppy love
Step 3

To make the belly, tail, and heart spots: Cut a large oval belly from purple or turquoise felt. Then, cut a long rectangle for the tail and fold in half. Cut one end to a rounded point. Open the folded felt, and twist two pipe cleaners together and hot glue to the center of one pointed tail side. Hot glue the other tail flap over the pipe cleaner, sandwiching it together. Then hot glue a pin back to the top straight edge of the tail. Cut a few hearts from matching color felt for the "spots."

Step 4

To assemble: Pin the muzzle to the top front edge of the hoodie. Pin the floppy ears to either side of the muzzle. Use fabric tape to attach the belly and spots to the hoodie and pajama pants. Pin the tail to the bottom back of the hoodie and curl the tail. 


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