We're digging the "plants on pink" vibe.

By Kara Whitten
February 12, 2018

To me, Valentine's Day is all about pink and flowers - hence, this party for all my gal pals. Elements of pink and botanicals were used to decorate the space in a more charming way, which made it perfect for this Galentine's make-and-take crafternoon.

Light snacks are always a great go-to for a crafternoon party. I love to have foods that are easy to eat while crafting. A few perfect snacking refreshments include cookies and other bite-sized desserts, a vegetable and fruit tray, and even cheese board. This way, every guest can fill up their plate with an assortment of items that will fill them up without being a heavy meal.

I love the idea of having a crafting station for all the craft supplies, but with limited space, there was no room for a separate crafting table to hold the supplies. I make the refreshment area - in this case, a modular shelf - do double duty by housing all of the crafting supplies plus the drinks and snacks. That way, when guests were finished snacking, the table could be cleared of plates and cups, the supplies moved from the shelves onto the table, and the crafting could begin.

When hosting a crafternoon, it is key to have an excess of craft supplies. Unused items can always be returned to the store, but the last thing you want is to run out of supplies and have an early end to the party. Plus, in my experience it always takes less time that you might think to craft, so having extras for guests to make more than one craft (like a few vases) is always a plus. A longer-lasting crafternoon means more friend time! Here, we made custom glass vases using Martha Stewart marbling medium.

MAKE THESE: Marbleized Glass Flower Vases

In this craft, the paint gets transformed into a marbleized effect on glass vases, which (once dry) friends can fill with flowers for their own take-home party favor. Isn't that a beautiful way to show love for your friends on Galentine's Day?

Feeling inspired? Watch how to marbleize a vase:



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