Together, they've thrown over 40 parties! (And that's just last year.)
Royale Ziegler and Rachel Huntington

Editor's Note: In the spirit of Galentine's Day, we're profiling powerful women duos in the creative industry - party planners, stylists, designers, makers, and more - who demonstrate innovation and embody entrepreneurial empowerment. In other words, they're #SoMartha.

Life is one big party for these two: Royale Ziegler of But First, Party! and Rachel Huntington of Bonjour Fete. "We have known each other for a year and a half, but it feels like forever," Ziegler says. "In a good way."

In sunny Los Angeles, California, these ladies have helped one another build their respective event-planning businesses together with Huntington as the self-dubbed "purveyor of party" and Ziegler as a "party perfecter." In fact, this mutual admiration is how they met. "I was one of Rachel's first customers after she opened her doors last November," Ziegler explains. "Being a party stylist, I could not have been more excited about a party shoppe opening in Los Angeles, so naturally I was there on day two shopping away - aaaand also Instagramming her gorgeous store." And together, they're nothing short of Instagram-worthy: Last year, they partnered on throwing over 40 parties and styled shoots from a hauntingly beautiful Halloween dinner party to a pretty-in-pink Christmas candyland and a pastel rainbow party.

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Royale Ziegler and Rachel Huntington

The party never ends between them: "We send each other photos and ideas all day long," Huntington says. "What we like most about working together is that we have the same brain - which makes for a pretty seamless collaboration experience, save for the couple of times we have shown up to events or shoots in the same outfit. True story."

"We also both have a can't stop, won't stop attitude toward what we do, so it's nice to have a partner who will answer your texts from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.," Ziegler says. "(Unless her phone dies, shade alert, Rachel!)"

But even when they're not busy co-creating a party shoot or drawing up a moodboard for their next idea, there's a personal friendship that binds them: they are both moms, both have husbands who work in the entertainment industry, and travel often: "We also really respect the kind of mother the other person is, we both love our kids so hard and it is inspiring to see that kind of love being poured into the world."

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Royale Ziegler and Rachel Huntington

Despite being relatively new to the world of event-planning and entertaining, they find solace in support from their larger network as well as each other: "There is actually a lot of talk in the creative space about collaboration over competition, and we have seen that with the amazing "friendors" who we work with over and over again." Recently, they launched a blog together Oui Party! Their advice for other aspiring creatives is three-fold: always say "yes" in the beginning, to know your worth, and to create work that is to your standard no matter what.

Supporting each other help them power through times of frustration and stress. "And candy. Always candy."

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