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Rebecca Atwood debut bedding collection
Credit: Tory Williams

Designer Rebecca Atwood is going make your bedroom a lot dreamier. The Brooklyn-based creative, who dipped her toes in quilt making last spring, just launched her first-ever bedding collection, expanding her line of modern textiles and wallpaper. After seeing it all, we can confirm these soothing patterns are going to give your current obsession with solid linens a run for its money.

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Rebecca Atwood bedding on sofa
Credit: Tory Williams

The line (which ranges from $149 to $489) includes duvets, coverlets, knit throws, headboard pillows (a cool new multifunctional category!), and lumbar pillows. A standout - especially for gifting - are the embroidered pillowcases. Each set is stitched with cheeky saying, such as "Dream Big, Sleep Well" and "Early Bird, Night Owl." (Rebecca confirmed the latter is inspired by her and her husband's sleeping habits - she's the early riser, in case you were wondering). There are also progressive "Mrs., Mr.," "Mrs., Mrs.," and "Mr., Mr." embroidered pillow sets for your recently-engaged or anniversary-celebrating friends.

"My great grandmother used to embroider flowers on pillowcases, and I wanted to do something that felt like a modern take on that," Atwood tells us. "I liked the idea of doing the different Mrs., Mr. ones, because it's just a fun thing you can give to people you love."

Rebecca Atwood bedding ocean
Credit: Tory Williams

If you're curious about those headboard pillows, we have answers. The 52 inch x 30 inch pieces are meant to replace traditional Euro shams or can sub-in for the lack of a headboard.

"I love to read in bed, and the idea of a really large down pillow," Atwood explains. "They are so luxurious and deep to lean against. They're also moveable. You can bring it to the living room as extra seating. And these are an easy way to update the look of your bed without reupholstering your headboard."

Atwood is known for her beautiful brush strokes and soothing shibori dyeing technique, and the bedding collection continues to serve up soft, pretty designs meant to mix and match.

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Rebecca Atwood bedding stacked on a chair
Credit: Tory Williams

"When I looked at the bedding market, I saw opportunity," the designer says. "Many people do a great job with solids. But when it comes to patterns, there is a lot that just doesn't feel like what you want for the bedroom. So we looked at patterns inspired by calming places."

Those places include: a still bay at dusk, the inside of a seashell and a beach cottage at the Cape (a nod to Atwood's childhood spent on Cape Cod). And while patterns tend to be busy in nature, these ones evoke relaxation to whisk you off into peaceful slumber.

If you're wondering how to style a bed with various designs, Atwood advises sticking to a cohesive color scheme and blending both small and large patterns together.

"You want to mix scales of patterns as it helps your eye move around the room and distinguish one pattern from the other," she says. "A small-scale pattern reads as a texture from a distance, and a large one is more eye-catching." If you need inspiration on how to style the duvets, there are a bevy options on her website.

The best news of it all is that everything it machine-washable. "Just don't use hot, hot water or dryer heat," Atwood warns. "It actually feels better after it's washed. Coverlets get more rumpled and really lovely."

So, which piece of this collection are you most excited to buy?


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