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Better Than Thin Mints? Martha Rates These Australian Cookies

They're one of the classic Aussie treats she’s making on “Martha Bakes.”

mint slice cookies
Photography by: Mike Krautter

Martha’s going down under for cookie inspiration on “Martha Bakes” this weekend. While the dessert most associated with Australia might be the pavlova, turns out the Aussies have a way with cookies, too. Martha’s whipping up three of the country’s most iconic cookies in the latest episode. Each one can be found in cafes across Australia and New Zealand but is little known here in the U.S. Follow Martha’s lead and turn on the oven—you’re about to meet your new favorite cookie. Get a sneak peek at the recipes below, and be sure to catch the new episode.


Mint Slices

No disrespect to the Girl Scouts, but these cookies might be knocking Thin Mints out of first place. They have a similar chocolate cookie base and dark-chocolate coating, but a lively peppermint filling sets them apart. The sandwich cookies go perfectly with a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.


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ginger nut biscuits
Photography by: Mike Krautter

Ginger Nuts

Originally called gingerbread nuts in the 18th century, these classic spice cookies were named for their small size or their hard nutshell-like texture, depending on who you ask. Today’s ginger nuts tend to be much bigger, with a satisfying snap, and are popular throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Martha’s flavor-packed version relies on three kinds of ginger—dried, fresh, and crystallized.


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passion fruit melting moments
Photography by: Mike Krautter

Passion-Fruit Melting Moments

There could not be a more apt name for these melt-in-your-mouth cookies, although they also go by cornstarch cookies or custard kisses. Martha makes passion-fruit curd from scratch for the filling, but lemon or raspberry would also be delicious. Serve a batch of these at teatime, and everyone will melt.


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"Martha Bakes" season 9 airs on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings).