Tailored to Chinese New Year, these bright red bowls come filled to the brim with oranges to bring your family good fortune.
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Today marks the first day of the Lunar New Year, and more specifically, the Year of the Dog. That means fireworks, big feasts, and time with family and friends. And at the dinner table? A set of these stylish bowls — painted in a rich red color and coated in sheets of shimmering gold leaf — make an eye-catching statement for the feast. We were inspired by the tradition of displaying (and eating) tangerines and oranges, which are said to bring wealth and luck, respectively.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Paint the entire outer surface in red craft paint (two coats) and dry between layers. Cover the lip and make sure that the wood grain is covered completely.

Step 2

Apply gilding adhesive in spattered dabs. For an authentic gilded look, apply adhesive densely in some areas and sparsely in others. Let adhesive dry until clear (approximately 10 minutes) and tacky to the touch.

Step 3

Working with one sheet at a time, apply gilding sheets. Lay flat onto the surface of the painted bowl where you applied gilding adhesive until it sticks. With a stippling brush, gently scrub the gilding sheets so gold flakes off. Buff out the sides until you achieve the desired look.


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