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3 Fun St. Patrick's Day Snacks for Kids

Surprise the leprechauns in your life with these festive snacks in their lunch box or after school.

st. patricks day lunchbox
Photography by: Raymond Hom

St. Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday this year, but that doesn't mean you can't make something festive and delicious for the kids on a weekday. These easy, clever ideas will brighten their lunch or after-school snack, guaranteed. Start by switching out the bread in their favorite sandwich for a St. Patrick's Day-ready spinach wrap, then pack one (or all!) of the following snacks. Each one is super portable and sure to delight the wee ones in your life—come lunchtime, they'll feel like they just came across a pot of gold.

carrots celery cucumber dip
Photography by: Peter Ardito

Tricolor Crunch

Salute the Irish flag with clover-shaped cucumber crisps, carrot and celery sticks, and DIY ranch dip. Cutting the cucumbers into clovers is a cinch, and there's something about fun shapes that makes kids want to eat their vegetables. Pack the dip in a separate tin, or use it as a schmear for a wrap or sandwich and let the kids enjoy the veggies solo.


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shamrock chocolate medallions
Photography by: Peter Ardito

Coin Toss

To sweeten the pot (or their lunch boxes), tuck in a few shamrock-stamped chocolate medallions ($12 for 68,, then save the rest for your St. Patrick's Day party.

golden hot chocolate
Photography by: Peter Ardito

Pure Gold

Pinches of turmeric (they won't taste it, we promise) and cinnamon give this frothy hot white chocolate its end-of-the-rainbow hue. Pour the cocoa into a thermos so it stays nice and hot until lunchtime. Bonus: grown-ups will also love the flavor (and the anti-inflammatory properties of the spices!).


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