Get them to put the phones down and start talking.

February 06, 2018

Brunch is the perfect get-together for family and friends - especially when little ones are involved. It's early enough so the youngest guests aren't quite so cranky and tired, it's filled with both, delicious savory and sweet options, and once done there's still enough time in the day to tackle to-do lists or enjoy some me-time. We have a few tips on making this weekend-favorite even better.

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Get The Conversation Flowing

The key to a successful get-together: good conversation. But how to do you get your guests -especially those that don't know each other - to interact? Whether hosting new friends, your distant cousins, or a group of smartphone-obsessed teenagers, break the ice with fun conversation starters. Lately, we've been using the adorable table setting idea in the video below. It's super easy to create and casual enough so brunch goers don't feel pressure to perform. All you have to do is write cute questions like, "who's the funniest person you know?" on a circular piece of paper. Then, using a craft knife, cut a small slit on each side of the paper and run a ribbon through the slits. Next, tie your conversation starter around a napkin and place it on each table setting. Once your group is seated, take turns going around and answering the questions.

Spend Less Time In The Kitchen

You want to hang out with your guests, not spend the afternoon in the kitchen. The easiest way to do this is to find a dish you can prep ahead and then bake on the morning. That's the key to the crowd-pleasing brunch entrée in the video below. Get the Baked French Toast ready the night before, and make the raspberry sauce then, too. That way brunch is a breeze, albeit a delicious one. Keep the menu fruity and healthy by serving pineapple smoothies-as well as coffee, of course!

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Create Take-Away Bouquets

No decoration is as pretty as fresh flowers. And what a nice gesture to send guests home with a small bouquet of their own. It will make the day so much more special for them and remind them of the fun time spent together. Even more fun: Create a floral bar and allow them to pick out their blooms and tie them up themselves. To do this, hit up a flower market or grocery store the day before your party. Buy whatever is in season and catches your eye. We couldn't resist the gorgeous ranunculus in the video below. Place the flowers in a few large containers around the table. After brunch, invite loved ones to grab a sheet of craft paper and create their own take-aways.

Watch the video below to learn how to make our fun conversation starter and gorgeous take-away bouquets.

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