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A Healthy 4-Ingredient Treat to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Plus it's no cook!

Photography by: Shira Bocar

Here’s a simple sweet that you can keep on hand for a few weeks. Make a batch and stow them in an airtight container in the fridge, and you’re covered the next time a craving for something sweet strikes. Bonus points: you can pop one of these in your mouth faster than it takes to unwrap a candy bar.


Get the Pistachio-Stuffed Dates with Coconut Recipe


Ingredient 1: Pistachio butter

It’s just ground pistachios! Process them in a food processor until creamy, about 5 minutes. Make more than you need for the recipe, as there are many other delicious ways to use it. My favorites: adding a spoonful of pistachio butter to a vinaigrette or drizzling over roasted vegetables.


Ingredient 2: Soft dates

Specialty dates can be found at Middle Eastern stores, or if you’re in luck, a local farmers' market. Naturally sweet with a succulent texture, fully ripe Barhi are my favorite—their flavor reminds me of honey. Good ol’ Medjools are also a treat and generally easier to track down. Learn more about the different kinds of dates. Got extra dates? Try this decadent smoothie for breakfast.


Ingredient 3: Unsweetened coconut

Be sure and toast the coconut to get the most flavor and crunch. Toasted coconut is a wonderful topper to keep stored in an airtight container in the pantry. I love it sprinkled on roasted sweet potatoes or on dark chocolate squares (spread with a bit of peanut butter and you’ve got a tropical peanut butter cup.)


Ingredient 4: Salt

Splash out and go for a nice finishing salt, like Maldon. The crunch of the crystals adds a wonderful texture, and the briny, mineral-y flavor balances the sweet dates and the earthy pistachios.


Get the Pistachio-Stuffed Dates with Coconut Recipe

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