Bring a still life to real life with this three-dimensional display of beautiful blooms.

January 31, 2018
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3d floral wall art

This idea comes from our contributor La Petite Fête. Her floral wall art appeared at a Galentine's Day party. 

Start with a painted canvas as the inspiration and bring it to life with artificial blooms. Or follow their alternative suggestion: "you could just use a plain white canvas and sketch a simple vase outline."


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

3d floral wall art
Step 1

Using X-acto knife, cut a slit in the canvas at the top of the vase's opening. (This will be used to secure a few stems, producing the illusion of an arrangment within the vase.)

3d floral wall art
Step 2

Slip a few of the largest bloom stems through the vase slit opening, filling in the gaps with smaller blooms and leaves. (Tip: You can manipulate the wire stems and gently bend flower heads forward to create more natural movement.) When layout is final, hot glue flowers onto the canvas to secure, using wire cutters to trim stems as needed.

3d floral wall art
Step 3

Tape the stems that are slipped through the vase down to the backside of the canvas to hold them in place.

3d floral wall art
Step 4

Continue adding more flowers and leaves to your arrangement, gluing flower heads directly onto the canvas as needed. 

Step 5

Cover the slit opening with leaves or flowers. Mount to wall for display.


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