How to Dye Easter Eggs Using Shaving Cream

Skip the vinegar and dye your Easter eggs in softer, easier-to-clean shaving cream. This kid-friendly technique allows you to mix and marbleize different colors.

dyed pink and purple easter eggs shaving cream on plates

There are many traditions when it comes to celebrating Easter, and dyeing eggs is one of our favorites. Before dyeing some of your own, start with hollow eggs that have been blown hollow. We recommend mixing two varieties of food coloring at once—that way, the colors don't get muddy. To mix multiple two-tone colors at once, use a mini pie pan or muffin tin with multiple cups, or ramekins, as we did here. Use this unique method featuring shaving cream to dye Easter eggs for the holiday.


  1. dyed easter eggs shaving cream step 1

    Pour shaving cream into containers. Add drops of the first food coloring, mixing well with coffee stirrer until combined.

  2. dyed easter eggs shaving cream step 2

    Add a few drops of the second color; drag stirrer through cream to add swirls and create designs; work over whole container, or focus on specific areas.

  3. dyed easter eggs shaving cream step 3

    Submerge your eggs in the colored cream and let sit for 15 to 20 minutes. (The longer they are submerged in the cream, the brighter your dyed eggs will be.)

  4. dyed easter eggs shaving cream step 4

    Remove the eggs from the dye with tongs, and gently wipe clean with a paper towel.

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