Cashews are delicious and versatile. Try them in dishes like cashew chicken, stir-fry, and brittle. Plus, learn how to make your own cashew butter.

Most Popular

Cashew Chicken
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Cooking popular take-out dishes like this one at home means you can control the quality of the ingredients, making them far healthier.
Spiced Cashew Cream with Fruit
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This cashew mash is slightly sweetened; dip with your favorite fruit.
No-Bake Cashew Brittle Bars
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In these crunchy, salty-sweet no-bake bars, a touch of molasses enhances the natural sweetness of cashews, oats, and cinnamon and lends a rich taste to the crisp caramel base.
Cashew Butter Cookies
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Rich cookies become richer with cashew butter. Cookies can be baked so they are either soft or crisp.
Indian-Spiced Cashew-Lime Cookies
Brightly colored spice mixes and candy-coated seeds are offered after dinner in many Indian restaurants. We used a mix called red mukhwas to garnish our cube-shaped spice cookies. Look for mukhwas and similar blends at Indian markets. Colored sprinkles and nonpareils can be substituted.
Spiced Ginger Cashews
Rating: Unrated
Want to really spice things up? Make these simple roasted cashews with sugar, ground sugar, and cayenne pepper. A frothy egg white helps the spices to stick the nuts and create an irresistable crunch. Serve warm on a charcuterie board or with drinks for an at-home happy hour.

Inspiration and Ideas

Crowd-Pleasing Snack Mixes
Spicy and crunchy, salty and sweet: Snack mixes blend flavors and textures in an easy-to-grab offering. Most can be prepped in advance and tossed in a bowl when it's time to party.
Cashew-Chicken Kebabs
To make the sauce for these Thai-inspired kebabs, simply pulse cashews and curry paste together with water. Consider using other nuts, too, like peanuts or almonds for future dinners.