It's bound to be a winner!

Credit: Marcus Nilsson

Playing board games you can really work up an appetite - even if you just had dinner. That's why tonight we suggest wiping down the kitchen counter and setting up a mid-game DIY sundae bar that the kids will adore. With store-bought elements and homemade touches, our formula makes for the most irresistible dessert break. Our homemade sauces are both super easy to make and totally decadent to eat, add in crunchy toppings, chewy baked goods, and of course, a cherry on top and you've got a guaranteed win. Here's our game plan:

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Start With a Blank Canvas

Choose one or two basic ice cream flavors, fan favorites like chocolate and vanilla. With toppings galore on offer, everyone will create their own flavor combination and we don't want the ice cream overwhelming that.

PRO TIP: Pre-scoop the ice cream so you won't have everyone waiting for you to scoop. Scoop directly onto rimmed baking sheets, or even better into freezer-safe bowls or Mason jars, and freeze until it's dessert time.

It's Not a Sundae Without Sauce

Every sundae bar must have a warm gooey sauce to bring the cool, creamy ice cream and toppings together. Opt for the classics, hot fudge and caramel. Yes, there are store-bought options, but when you can make sauces in under 15 minutes, why buy? Here are two of our easiest recipes

A fruity sauce adds freshness to the sundae bar. All you need to do is toss berries with sugar and let them sit until juicy to make the best chunky berry sauce.

BONUS POINTS: Wow the kids with a homemade take on "magic" chocolate shells. You might have seen them at the grocery store and they're as simple as this to make: Melt 8 ounces of dark chocolate and stir in 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (Yes, just two ingredients!). Spoon over ice cream and watch it harden into a crisp chocolate shell.

Credit: Marcus Nilsson

On the Top: Crunchy, Chewy, and Tada!

Think of toppings in categories; there are crunchy toppings, chewy toppings, and those which are final touches. All add layers of texture and flavor to a sundae.

Select a handful of crunchy toppings, don't limit yourselves to just chopped nuts. With the recent popularity of over-the-top milkshakes and sundaes we have seen it all. Try toasted coconut chips, crumbled potato chips, cereal, caramel corn, or crumbled crispy cookies, like graham crackers or chocolate wafers.

Who doesn't love the combination of chewy baked goods and ice cream? You'll need one or two to accompany the crunchy toppings. Break brownies, cookies, or pound cake into bite-size pieces or go off the beaten path and cut donuts up into mini bites.

PRO TIP: Freeze a few brownies or cookies the next time you bake, then you'll have this topping ready to go.

whipped cream shake jar
Credit: Emily Kate Roemer

Polish off the sundaes with a dollop of homemade whipped cream - a topping the kids can make. Put them to work, it's a chemistry experiment at the same time! Fill a mason jar one-quarter full with cold heavy cream. Seal and have the kids shake the jar until it transforms into fluffy whipped cream. They will be in awe of what they made. (If they go too far you'll have butter but that takes a lot of shaking!)

Rainbow jimmies add a pop of color, a slight crunch, and let's face it, they are fun. And of course no sundae is done without a maraschino cherry on top.

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