This hearty meal will fuel a full night of fun.
Credit: Mike Krautter

There's no need to order in on game night—this menu puts a satisfying dinner on the table fast, ensuring the family is well fed before the games commence. Start with a dip that combines everyone's favorites: guacamole and hummus. For the main course, make a protein-filled kid-friendly Taco Casserole. It takes just 30 minutes to make, and you can work on a side dish while it's in the oven; our Cilantro-Lime Rice, filled with green-goodness and loads of flavor, plays nicely with your entrée. Whatever you do, don't skip dessert. Prepare a game-friendly treat ahead of time and snack on it while you play the final round.

To Start

Love both guacamole and hummus? Try our Avocado Hummus recipe for a flavorful mash-up of the two favorites, which can be scooped up with fresh-cut veggie sticks and tortilla chips (make sure to reserve four cups of chips for the top of the casserole).

For the Main

We found a better way to eat tacos. Speed up the assembly line by making our one-skillet Taco Casserole. Just scoop and serve—no need even to heat up tortillas. It's that easy!

cilantro lime rice

As a Side

When you have a crowd-pleasing main like taco casserole, choose a side that won't compete or get lost next to it. Rice jazzed up with cilantro and lime is just that dish. For a healthy dupe, sneak vegetables into rice is an easy way to get your kids to eat them. Stir in grated carrot or frozen, defrosted chopped greens in place of cilantro before steaming the rice.


For Dessert

There's no need to miss a round of game play when you have dessert ready to go. A classic party bowl snack like our Hazelnut Poppy Chow is a good pick. We like that it can be made up to a week in advance, and your family will love that the crunchy cereal is coated with chocolate hazelnut spread, then tossed in a powdery sugar and cocoa coating. It is addictive—your kids will be asking for the leftovers the next day. Assuming there are any leftovers, that is.


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