Bear Cake


This ursine chocolate cake gets its soft and fuzzy look from icing piped on with a grass tip. With his chubby belly, constructed from a mound of cake, he's almost too cute to eat.



  1. Place templates on sheet cakes, and cut out with a paring knife. Discard scraps. Halve snout and belly pieces horizontally, discarding bottom halves.

  2. Arrange pieces into a bear shape, trimming sharp edges off shoulders, ears, and paws. Use chocolate frosting to attach pieces to one another.

  3. Coat entire cake with frosting, rounding over the tummy and snout. Refrigerate until frosting is firm, about 30 minutes to overnight. Add a second smooth coat to snout, ears, and front paws. Fill a pastry bag fitted with a multiopening grass tip (Ateco #233) with frosting. Pipe fur on bear, skipping center of ears and front paws and entire snout, refilling bag as necessary.

  4. Use licorice coins for the eyes, and licorice button for the nose.

    Johnny Miller

Cook's Notes

Licorice coins are available at and licorice buttons at

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