Why choose between the two flavors when they taste so good together?

chocolate cupcakes with milk-chocolate frosting
Credit: Kate Mathis

What's black and white and irresistible all over? A dessert that marries these two iconic flavors into a blissful, better-together union. Whip one up for your sweeties on Valentine's Day, and you'll be showered with sugary kisses.


The secret to these rich, brownie-like cupcakes is twofold: a half-cup of semisweet chocolate goes right into the batter, and the vanilla-bean milk frosting gets its creamy (not cloying) quality from a béchamel base of flour and milk. We carved out hearts from half the batch with a mini cookie cutter (a knife works in a pinch), filled the holes with frosting, and topped others with the blink-and-you'll-miss-them bites.

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vanilla bundt cake with chocolate-cream cheese filling
Credit: Kate Mathis


This dense but tender pound cake is a beauty at first glance -- but just wait till you cut a slice. Consider it your new party trick, where you hide some of the frosting on the inside. The swooping pattern comes from alternating layers of batter and chocolate-cream cheese filling, and the shiny glaze cloaks it in more sweetness (a dusting of confectioners' sugar is another pretty option). It's also effortless to serve, since it's delicious at room temperature or right from the fridge.

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marbled souffle


In every silky spoonful of these cloudlike soufflés, you'll taste vanilla bean and deep chocolate swirled together for decadent effect. Plunge a spoon in when they're still warm from the oven, but not before adding scoops of vanilla ice cream to melt languidly into their crackly, sugar-dusted tops.

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baci di dama
Credit: Kate Mathis


The name of these two-bite buttons -- made by spreading melted chocolate between two crumbly, shortbread-like cookies -- means "lady's kisses" in Italian. (Subtlety is so overrated!) We used almond flour instead of traditional hazelnut for a more delicate nuttiness, but feel free to sub in the standard. Serve a few with an after-dinner espresso, or present a whole batch to your crush.

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vanilla and milk-chocolate pudding pies
Credit: Kate Mathis


There's something so innocent and old-fashioned about date night at your favorite diner, especially when the dessert order is "One slice of pie, two forks." Set an equally sweet scene at home with one of these affectionate displays. You can combine a dark-chocolate-wafer crust, cardamom-spiked vanilla filling, and whipped cream dusted with cocoa powder -- or flip the script with a vanilla-wafer crust, milk-chocolate filling, and vanilla-bean whipped cream.

Watch our Everyday Food host Sarah Carey whip up this spectacular diner-style milk-chocolate pudding pie:


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