For Valentine's Day, watch the clips that make us swoon -- then cook the dishes featured.

meatball makeover spaghetti
Credit: Alpha Smoot

From sharing spaghetti with extra meatballs to sipping frozen hot chocolate, there's a feast of swoon-worthy food moments on the silver screen we can't get enough of for Valentine's Day. See which movie moments we're savoring.


There are few rom-com moments that top the unforgettable Katz's Deli scene in this 80's flick. Anyone else still wondering what Meg Ryan ordered with her pastrami? If anything, we've learned that the next time you find yourself dishing over whether men and women can, in fact, "just be friends" you should order a sandwich so good it'll make you scream.

(MAKE: Our Pastrami and Pickle Sandwich)


We've never looked at spaghetti the same way since watching this classic Disney canine love story. Under the stars one bella notte, with the best spaghetti in town, who wouldn't fall in love? We'll never judge you for using the spaghetti trick to win over your dinner date, or saving them the last meatball (no nose-nudging required.)

(COOK: Our Easiest Spaghetti and Meatballs)


As Julia Roberts says in the film version of a woman's self-discovery travels: "I'm in love; I'm having a relationship with my pizza." If learning to love yourself means having a perfect pizza margherita in Napoli and all to yourself, count us in.

(MAKE: Our Margherita Pizza)

In this charming romantic tale, a mother, Juliette Binoche, and her daughter open a chocolate shop in a small French village that we soon discover serves much more than the richest truffles around. Destined to change the lives of the village's residents, the shop and all its sweet fillings, prove that nothing can withstand the charm of cocoa (not even love interest, Johnny Depp!)

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This classic rom-com has us willing to take a chance on love. Then again, its destined-to-be sweethearts, John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, could convince us to take a chance on anything if it involved gigantic frozen hot chocolates.

(MAKE: Frozen Hot Chocolate)


Need to nix first date jitters? Take a hint from Matt Damon, who plays a hidden genius fumbling to find his way in this 90s American drama. He meets the sweet, scholarly Brit played by Minnie Driver and charms her with his 'magic trick of the century.' Then he snags the much-anticipated first kiss over giggly mouthfuls of burger at the local diner.

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This delicious film adaptation of both Julia Child's autobiography, and the memoir of Julie Powell, a woman on a mission to cook her way through Child's entire cookbook, celebrates a different kind of love -- for food. Surely chocolate mousse and boeuf bourguignon is the way to everyone's heart?

(COOK: Our Beef Bourguignon)


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