Radiator-Screen Organizer

Radiator screens do a nice job covering heaters, but they've got so much more design potential. With their graphic patterns and polished finishes, the inexpensive overlays can make a basic bulletin board look like a million bucks.

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Radiator covers come in patterns and metals aplenty. Brass Union Jacks look sharp against a navy backdrop (above), but also consider these color pairings: copper chain link on a rose board, silver lincane on dark pink, and gold cloverleaf on lavender.

Also pictured: Coco gold wall pocket, $10, cb2.com; Grid brass magazine rack, $30, cb2.com.


  1. Mount radiator cover over a panel of linen-wrapped Masonite panel, securing it with a few grommets and screws.

  2. Use extra-long thumbtacks to pin up a calendar, phone numbers, and invitations. Add a clip for keys, and a magazine holder beneath to stow mail. Organized and chic? Indeed.

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