"Be Mine" Marbleized Heart Coasters

For Valentine's Day or any occasion of love, these are quick to make and come with a sentimental surprise: Together, they form a beautiful heart.


Stenciled typography can form a heartfelt phrase or declaration of love. We used "Be Mine" but personalize yours as desired. For more ideas, scroll through our entire collection of Valentine's Day Crafts.


  1. Using stencil tape, tape off two coasters diagonally down the center. On the remaining two coasters, put tape diagonally on the top right corners, leaving a small triangle visible, as shown.

  2. Paint below the diagonal tape lines and the two exposed corners of the coasters with Wedding Cake paint. Remove tape and let dry.

  3. Position the uppercase "B" and "E" stencils on the areas you painted in white of one coaster, as shown, and "M," "I," "N," and "E" stencils on the opposite coaster, as shown. Apply Metallic Gold paint over the stencils with dauber. Remove stencils and let dry thoroughly.

  4. Tape along the painted edges on all coasters. Cover painted area with wax paper to protect from marbling.

  5. Referring to instructions on the bottle, mix 2 parts marbling medium to 1 part paint. Mix each color in a separate cup or bowl.

  6. Dribble each color onto the surface of the coaster and tilt it to allow colors to swirl together. Lightly comb a toothpick through areas for more marbling effects. Let marbling mixture pour off the sides of the coasters. Let the finished marbled surface dry completely.

  7. Using the craft knife, score along the tape edge before removing the tape.

  8. Arrange the four coasters together to form one marbleized heart.

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