Get your camera ready and wait for picture-perfect weather throughout the year. Then have your child hold up the month-appropriate sign (download our clip-art) and smile prettily — or snowily — for the camera. By December, you'll have a year's worth of seasonal snapshots for a photo calendar.
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You can compile photographs into a homemade calendar album-style, or get one made using a service at Shutterfly (choose from several styles; and let them handle the printing and delivery. (Tip: They make great family gifts too!)


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Print clip-art on printer paper.

Step 2

Have family member pose with clip-art sign. (Tip: Fastening it to a clipboard prevents the paper from warping and unifies photography.) Add embellishments to your photo calendars or personalize special dates with handwritten text.

Step 3

After a full year of monthly photographs are captured, compile them in a calendar.


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