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7 Crafty Books We're Reading in 2018

Pick up a new hobby today.

Anne Weil's weaving book
Photography by: Courtesy of Clarkson Potter

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New year, new inspiration — ergo, new crafts to make, right? This past year was filled with exciting projects and techniques to try. However, we're already looking ahead at the upcoming arts and crafts books set to be released next year and considering them the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill, pick up a new hobby, and otherwise try something new. Here are a few titles we're expecting to be full of creativity. Which one (if not all) will you pick up?


"Weaving Within Reach: Beautiful First Projects With and Without a Loom" by Anne Weil

Her previous book, "Knitting Without Needles" tapped into one of the most popular hobbies: knitting. Expanding her crafting knowledge, her new book focuses on weaving with 30 various projects where beginners and more seasoned weavers can make anything from soft baskets to plush blankets and more cozy crafts.

Available August 7, 2018


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craft the rainbow book
Photography by: Courtesy of Abrams Books

"Craft the Rainbow 40 Colorful Paper Projects from the House That Lars Built" by Brittany Watson Jepsen


It may be a new year, but two trends recur time and time again: paper projects and color. The bright and imaginative blogger Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built has an exciting new book that promises both. Be sure to follow the #CraftTheRainbow as readers will gain insight to creating paper garlands, flowers, home décor, party ideas, and more.

Available April 24, 2018

japanese stitches book
Photography by: Courtesy of Abrams

"Japanese Stitches Unraveled" by Wendy Bernard

This will be your guide to all of your long sought how-to questions pertaining to the intricate Japanese stitch patterns. Readers can look forward to learning 150 stitch patterns while reading about the culture that has inspired them.

Available May 15, 2018

hoop dreams book
Photography by: Courtesy of Abrams

"Hoop Dreams: Modern Hand Embroidery" by Cristin Morgan


In 2018, this favored crafting technique has added color to its modern-day makeover. Whether you are new or not to hooping, Morgan has it covered. She's providing an assortment of projects for every skill level along with "50 additional patterns and motifs" -- inspirational for any hoop artistry generation.

Available April 24, 2018 

friendship fill in book
Photography by: Courtesy of Abrams Books

"Friendship: A Fill-In Keepsake" by Maise Njor Illustrated by Lisa Grue


Throughout the year, you'll fill-in memories, experiences, thoughts, and advice pertaining to different life milestones. With the rise of bullet journals and personalized planners, this guided book is filled with a series of recurring questions to be completed by the important women in your life.

Available February 6, 2018

by hand lettering book
Photography by: Courtesy of Running Press Book Publishers

"By Hand: The Art of Modern Lettering" by Nicole Miyuki Santo


For calligraphy and perfect penmanship seeking creators, this is your book! You'll learn the basic and more comprehensive details to creating custom letters and phrases for everyday living. Plus, the book promises to deliver, "Unique projects and an Instagram-worthy aesthetic…"

Available April 17, 2018 

meet the artist book
Photography by: Courtesy of Abrams Books

"Meet the Artist" by Alberto Giacometti illustrated by Nick White


This how-to book is for anyone who is seeking to learn a new artistic skill within the New Year. (Painting, anyone?) From creative projects, art lessons, and ample art-based activities, this book is a must-read for any person interested in art as it's great for children too.

Available March 20, 2018


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