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5 of the Biggest Crafty Trends in 2017

Appliqués are one that we're definitely keeping in 2018.


If you're a crafter, 2017 was a good year to be creative. Whether you took up a new hobby — say, soap-making or began colorizing your planner with stickers made from scratch — this past year had some really fun projects. And while we're ready for some new inspiration in the new year ahead, we would be remiss not to give one last look at the go-to techniques that taught us something new.


1. Cross-Stitch 


Move over, knitting. This was the year of cross-stitch. While needlework reigned supreme again this year, it took on a more rudimentary style in which X-shaped stitches in a tiled pattern are used to form a picture. Counted cross-stitch may be one of the easiest of all embroidery techniques, but worked in rows, these hand-stitched Xs can add surprisingly sophisticated patterns and rich texture to almost any fabric. Master this technique and embellish everything from brightly colored Christmas pillows, custom family portraits, and even spooky glow-in-the-dark skeletons.


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2. Journaling


Is it because we're busier now than every before? Or perhaps we're simply seeking a creative outlet to brighten our daily to-do-lists? Whatever the case, creating your own plannerjournal, or all-in-one scrapbook has exploded within the past year. Some are even referring to the personalized planning phenomenon as the new iteration of the adult coloring trend. And with the new year ahead, why not start yours today?


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handmade soaps
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3. Soap-Making


In 2016, there was something just satisfying about the fizz and pop of brightly-colored bath bombs. This year, it extended to lush, soft-to-the-touch bar soap. More than ever before, we care about the ingredients we use on our bodies and having an all-natural shower experience (namely, bases with natural additions: aloe vera, olive oil, and goat's milk). As such, soap-making has become one of the must-do DIYs of 2017. And what's more, homemade soap makes two things: a lovely gift for someone and a lovely indulgence for yourself.


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4. Miniatures


When it comes to crafting, 2017 proved two things: People want crafts that are self-contained and clutter-free. It explains the boom in popularity of quaint fairy gardens, modern-day dollhouses, putz houses, and other projects that show small worlds of their own. Plus, upcycling offered an opportunity for one-of-a-kind creations: glass cloches, terracotta pots, and even wreaths all can be reimagined to contain a do-it-yourself diminutive beauty of your own making.


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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

5. Appliqués


It's always fun to accessorize old things to make them feel new — hats, cardigans, clutcheswreaths, even pumpkins! This being so, it's probably why DIY accessories were so prevalent within the last year. And using iron-on appliqués made it even easier.


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