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Dinner Recipes for Christmas and After

Sure there's a roast and then, post-Christmas, we've got delicious dinners on the regular.

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Dinner is just a little different this week. First off there's a celebratory feast for Christmas Day and then, in addition to those tasty roast beef leftovers, we've got crowd-pleasing recipes and ever so slightly less of a focus on time -- we hope you have a little more leisure for cooking between the holidays. Be sure to join us every week for dinnertime inspiration.


MONDAY: Our Fabulous Christmas Dinner Menu

rolled rib eye roast
Photography by: Ngoc Minh Ngo

Christmas calls for a grand, celebratory meal and our menu hits all the bases with delicious new takes on three classics -- roast beef, creamed spinach, and cheesecake -- so that they're sumptuous enough for the occasion but brilliantly simple to prepare. This showstopping menu is sure to become your new holiday tradition.


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Get the Rolled Rib-Eye Roast Recipe


TUESDAY: Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoes


If you aren't feasting on leftovers tonight, try this healthy between-the-holidays dinner. No sour cream or cheese here. The baked sweet potatoes don't need the dairy, they're loaded with peppery broccoli rabe and creamy cannellini beans.


Get the Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoes Recipe


WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti with Brussels Sprouts and Bacon 

Do you have brussels sprouts you didn't use on Christmas Day? Or do you just like brussels (or bacon!) or want a quick pasta dinner that's crowd pleasing but not predictable? Try this recipe that comes together in 30 minutes.


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THURSDAY: BBQ Chicken Pizza  

bbq chicken pizza
Photography by: Bryan Gardner

We're mixing it up a little, not sticking to the usual weeknight dinner rules and indulging in some family favorites like this homemade take on CPK's ever popular pie. It's a combination that might sound odd if you didn't grow up in California but taste it once and you know it's a winner. 


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FRIDAY: Slow-Cooker Vietnamese Baby Back Ribs            

Photography by: Lennart Weibull

Cheating just a tiny bit here; these irresistible ribs take more than an hour but the slow cooker does all the work. Plus we figure your schedule might be a bit more flexible this week.


Get the Slow-Cooker Vietnamese Baby Back Ribs Recipe


SATURDAY: Baked Mac and Cheese with Broiled Tomatoes  

baked macaroni cheese broiled tomatoes
Photography by: Armando Rafael

Everyone's favorite baked pasta? Some go for lasagna, some for baked ziti but we think our indulgent mac and cheese (made with three cheeses) beats them all. Make this crowd-pleaser for dinner tonight.


Get the Baked Mac and Cheese with Broiled Tomatoes Recipe


SUNDAY: Spicy Mussels and Chorizo

Photography by: John Kernick

If you're eating at home tonight, this quick, Spanish-inspired recipe is just the thing. It's a restaurant level dish that's made in one pot. Serve with plenty of crusty bread to mop up the briney, tomatoey juices. Oh, and don't forget the champagne toast at midnight.


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