Chock-full of good-for-you oats and sweetened with molasses, this loaf is utterly irresistible.

molasses oat bread
Credit: Jonathan Lovekin

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a great sandwich can't exist without great bread. And while there's a time and place for the store-bought kind, a homemade loaf can make all the difference. Martha's new favorite bread from her book "A New Way to Bake" is proof positive of that. It calls for two kinds of flour (bread and whole-wheat), powdered milk, molasses, and most importantly, oats. The healthy grain is turned into a porridge as well as ground into a flour for the dough. The result? A hearty, subtly sweet bread that couldn't be more versatile.

Use it to experiment with all kinds of sandwich fillings -- it even elevates a combination as simple as turkey and cheddar; try it toasted with butter and jam for breakfast; or serve thick slices alongside your favorite soup. The loaf would also be a welcome addition to any bread basket, as would the other baked goods Martha's whipping up in the latest episode of "Martha Bakes" -- honey-wheat Parker House rolls and whole-wheat pita bread.

Martha's guest this week is Mark Randall, the founder of New York's B-Line Ice Cream, which makes small-batch ice cream sweetened with the wildflower honey that Randall harvests from his hives in the Catskills. He shares his top tips for baking with different kinds of honey, as well as demonstrates how to make the easiest honey butters.

"Martha Bakes" season 8 airs on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings).


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