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Fabric-Leaf Wreath with Gold Berries

Cut and sew strips of canvas and muslin into leaves for an unexpectedly beautiful decoration. Gold beaded sprigs of "holly" add a touch of sparkle. In this neutral hue, it's elegant and classic, and coordinates easily with any décor style.

canvas wreath diy

Photography: David Stark

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our contributor David Stark. "Although a sewing machine is used to stitch our canvas and muslin leaves, no real skills are needed — you just have to be able to stitch a few straight lines," he says. "Everything else is just cutting, twisting and shaping. This makes it the perfect project to do with some creative friends. You can stitch the fabric strips ahead of time and then have guests over for a wreath-making afternoon filled with conversation, cocktails, and crafting." We created our wreath base by simply twisting several covered wires together, forming a circle.


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  • 12-inch wire wreath form

  • Sewing machine

  • Iron

  • Spray starch

  • 1/2 yard canvas

  • 1/2 yard muslin

  • Scissors

  • Wire cutters

  • Hot glue gun

  • Gold thread

  • 18-gauge and 26-gauge gold aluminum wire

  • 30 1/4- to 1/2-inch gold beads


  1. Tear or cut your canvas and muslin into approximately 2-inch wide strips. The length can vary.

    canvas wreath diy
  2. Using a hot iron and several applications of spray starch, fold and press each strip in half. Next, use that fold as a guide to add a stich line with gold thread using your sewing machine. Once the stitch line is added, fold and press along that same crease again with your iron and spray starch once again. You'll want these pieces to be very stiff!

    canvas wreath diy
  3. Using the prepared strips, cut approximately 65 2-inch canvas leaves and 35 1-inch muslin leaves. The gold thread will act as the center vein in each leaf.

    canvas wreath diy
  4. Using just the muslin leaves, create little leaf sprigs with the 18-gauge wire. Cut the wire to approximately 5-inch lengths and using a small amount of hot glue, attach a muslin leaf to the end of the wire by pinching it around the end. Next, make 2-leaf sprigs by gluing and pinching the leaf around the wire about an inch below the first leaf. Make approximately 22 muslin leaf sprigs, with half being single leaf and other 11 with double leaves. 

    canvas wreath diy
  5. For our berry beads we used a 26-gauge wire for this, but if the holes in your beads are larger, you may be able to use the 18-gauge — either is great. Cut a length of wire to approximately 8-inch long and string on 3 beads, placing them in the middle of that 8-inch length. Next, twist the 2 wire ends together securing the "berries" in place. Assemble 10 berry clusters.

    canvas wreath diy
  6. Now that you've crafted all the components it's time to assemble the wreath, starting with the canvas leaves. Begin by layering them like scales, overlapping and placing them at varied angles. Secure with hot glue at the bottom tip of each leaf. The entire wreath form should be covered in leaves.

  7. Add your muslin leaf sprigs and the berry clusters by twisting the ends of the wire securely around the wreath form. To do this, simply separate a couple of the canvas leaves to access the wreath wire. Allow the gold wire "stem" to show and style them branching off the leaves in different directions, giving the wreath a slightly wild look. 

    canvas wreath diy

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