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Ornate Snowflake Chalk-Art

Try this advanced-level tutorial on drawing a snowflake. Once you know how to outline this intricate shape, you can illustrate them in all shapes and sizes.

snowflake chalk art

Photography: Valerie McKeehan

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our contributor Valerie McKeehan. Learn how to draw this snowflake design after attempting to draw the Simple Snowflake and Elegant Snowflake for the "Let it Snow" Chalk-Art Sign.


  • Chalk

  • Chalkboard


  1. Begin with the basic snowflake shape and add filled-in hearts to the center where the arms meet.

    snowflake chalk art
  2. Drawing an ornate snowflake is all about the tiny details. Draw small, v-shaped embellishments off of the hearts.

    snowflake chalk art
  3. In between each main arm, add rows of details that look like pearls. To achieve this in chalk, draw a small circle, but instead of filling it in solidly, smudge the chalk with your finger. This will create a more dimensional circle shape.

    snowflake chalk art
  4. Continue adding the pearls, starting with the largest pearl closest to the center and gradually getting smaller.

    snowflake chalk art
  5. Add small diagonal lines coming off of the main arms. This feathery shape will contrast the circle arms nicely. Cap off the arms with a tiny heart.

    snowflake chalk art
  6. Cap off the arms with a tiny heart.

    snowflake chalk art
  7. Finish the snowflake with a small, outlined diamond shape and a dot between each arm.

    snowflake chalk art

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