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Elegant Snowflake Chalk-Art

Try this intermediate-level tutorial on drawing a snowflake. Once you know how to outline this delicate shape, you can illustrate them in all shapes and sizes.

snowflake chalk art

Photography: Valerie McKeehan

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our contributor Valerie McKeehan. Learn how to draw this snowflake design after attempting to draw the Simple Snowflake, then move on to the Ornate Snowflake for the "Let it Snow" Chalk-Art Sign.


  • Chalk

  • Chalkboard


  1. Begin with your basic snowflake shape and add open circles to the ends of each arm.

    snowflake chalk art
  2. Add triangles where the arms intersect and fill them with a small dot.

    snowflake chalk art
  3. Add shapes resembling leaves the whole way down each arm, varying the width of the leaves to get thicker in the center and then tapering back.

    snowflake chalk art
  4. Fill in the leaves with chalk.

    snowflake chalk art
  5. Add a dashed line detail coming out of each center triangle.

    snowflake chalk art

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