Simple Snowflake Chalk-Art

Start with this beginner-level tutorial on drawing a snowflake. Once you know how to outline this basic shape, you can illustrate them in all shapes and sizes.

snowflake chalk art

This idea comes from our contributor Valerie McKeehan. Learn how to draw this snowflake design before attempting to draw the Elegant Snowflake or Ornate Snowflake for the "Let it Snow" Chalk-Art Sign.

What You'll Need


  • Chalk
  • Chalkboard


  1. snowflake chalk art

    Draw a circle on your chalkboard either freehand or by tracing around a circular object.

  2. snowflake chalk art

    Add the arms of the snowflake by drawing 3, evenly-spaced, crisscrossing lines.

  3. snowflake chalk art

    Erase your circle guide. This asterisk shape will be the starting point for all of our snowflakes.

  4. snowflake chalk art

    Go over your lines multiple times with the chalk to thicken them.

  5. snowflake chalk art

    Add small lines protruding from each side of all 6 snowflake arms at an angle.

  6. snowflake chalk art

    Repeat step 5 underneath your previous lines with thinner, lighter strokes.

  7. snowflake chalk art

    Add triangles where the arms intersect and finish with another tiny line off of each triangle.

  8. snowflake chalk art

    Touch up any smudges with an eraser or damp sponge.

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