Our Best Handmade Toppers for Every Kind of Christmas Tree

red-themed christmas tree with silver angel as the star
Photo: Johnny Miller

The final touch to any Christmas tree is, of course, the topper. And while you might associate this decoration with store-bought or vintage wares, you absolutely can make your own.

So, what goes into creating the right topper for your Christmas tree? First, you want to consider the look you're hoping to achieve overall. Second, think about the color scheme you plan to work within. The topper should complement the tree both in terms of theme and color palette. Once you know how you plan to decorate your tannenbaum, you can use elements from the rest of your trimming to inspire your final piece.

Turn your evergreen into a true Christmas centerpiece with one of these homemade tree topper ideas. There's something for every style: from stars, angels, and seashells to candy canes.

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Silvery Angel Tree Topper

silver angel tree topper

It's a traditional Christmas sight to see a glowing angel perched at the highest point of any holiday tree. This year, craft a modern angelic topper. Love the look? The silvery angels can also double as ornaments.

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Rosette Tree Topper


If you can do an accordion fold, you can recreate this stellar topper. It's made with metallic gold paper, which means it's a lightweight, shatterproof option for decking your halls.

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Candy Cane Tree Topper

Shanna Sullivan

Your little ones will love this sweet topper. The design is made by assembling colorful candy canes—a popular holiday motif—into a pinwheel. Each piece of candy faces the other to create 11 hearts within the circle.

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White Glittered Star Tree Topper


On December 25, some of us have the same holiday wish: a white Christmas. Whether it snows this year or not, a wintery white glittered star tree topper is the next best thing.

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Driftwood-Seashell Star Tree Topper

seashell christmas tree-topper driftwood-seashell-star-tree-topper-1017.jpg

Whether you're celebrating the holidays in a snowy wonderland or on a sandy beach (with a coastal-inspired tree), one way to enhance your tree's maritime design is with a driftwood and seashell topper.

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Doily Star Tree Topper


When decorating the tree, it is the intricate, small details that come together to make one flawless finishing statement. Crafting an elevated yet folktale-inspired tree topper from a doily is a pretty magical addition.

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Fabric Bird Tree Topper


Not all birds fly south for the winter. Some prefer to perch amongst (and atop!) beautifully lit trees. You too can have a flock of fabric birds surrounding a whimsical nest with this Christmas project.

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