Acts of Kindness Calendar

This is your gentle reminder to spread holiday cheer all season long. Download and print our handlettered clip-art cards, tuck each one into an envelope, then display in your home. Every day, consult your calendar for a new act of kindness to try.

kindness advent calendar

This idea comes from our friend Katie Curry of Honey Brush Design, featuring her custom watercolor art and hand-lettering.

What You'll Need



  1. Download and print our calendar clip-art.

  2. To make cards: Following printed diagram, fold bottom tab down and away from the design side. Add glue to the top of the entire folded bottom. Fold one of the sides back and affix to the glued bottom. Add glue to the folded side and affix the other side fold to it. Fold down the top, but leave unglued to add corresponding cards inside.

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