Bring the Beach Inside: It's a Coastal Christmas Tree

It's trimmed with treasures from the sea.

beach Christmas tree

Some of us are happiest in a winter wonderland. The rest of us? The beach. In a sense, our coastal Christmas tree celebrates both.

Channeling summers spent by the ocean, we created this from-the-sea tree. We chose an artificial sparkling pine (the sturdy, blue-green branches won't sag under the weight of oversized buoy ornaments). To adorn the boughs, we used coastal accents: translucent sea glass hues, natural textures like weathered driftwood and stone-like coral, and alluring sea creatures. Plus, we opted for an easy-breezy alternative to the traditional stand. This tree collar is completely hand-woven from cattail plant fibers, creating a rustic textured backdrop for presents underneath the tree.

Shanna Sullivan

Check out these treasures from the sea: splashes of blue and green pair nicely with rosy pink and sandy white. An easy, cost-effective way to match our tree is to use shells. Large shells can be drilled with a hole and wired to hang. Play with an assortment of varieties and sizes: conches, cockles, whelks, or the Irish Deep Scallop shells seen here. Give them a dusting of glitter - in a single color, or two shades blended for an ombre effect - string them along a garland, or simply leave them as is to showcase their natural beauty.

Marine animals and symbolic seaside motifs add personality to a tree. Spy the seahorse in our collection? This tiny seaside sparkler is both nautical and nice. (And, synergy alert: its pretty-in-pink mosaic shell body pairs almost perfectly with the rosy-toned seashells in our keepsake ornaments.) Oh, and not all sandcastles wash away: check out that charming keepsake in the bottom left corner.

seaglass ornaments
Peter Ardito

Whether sea glass pieces are tumbled by waves or man-made look-alikes, they will always add beautiful color to your Christmas tree. Bring a bit of the beach inside with these do-it-yourself ornaments. We treated our glass ball ornaments with a specialty craft paint, transforming them into seaside beauties.

Feeling inspired? Watch how it all comes together like magic:

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