Driftwood-Seashell Star Tree Topper

A coastal-inspired tree is made spectacular with this rustic star topper. Befitting of a beach theme, this one is assembled with weathered driftwood sticks and pearly-white shells.


This topper was used to decorate our Beachy Keepsakes Christmas Tree.

What You'll Need



  1. driftwood-seashell-star-tree-topper-step-1-1117_vert

    Cut wooden dowel in half and form into the shape of a cross, securing pieces together with hot glue.

  2. Cut a second wooden dowel into halves and secure pieces onto cross formation to form a five-pointed star shape (the bottom dowel will serve as the stand for securing to the top of the tree).

  3. driftwood-seashell-star-tree-topper-step-2-1117_vert

    Following the star shape as a guide, stack driftwood sticks onto the wooden dowels and secure each piece into place with hot glue, to widen the points of the star. (Tip: We used 2-3 layers of driftwood sticks for a multi-dimensional look.)

  4. Hot-glue seashells onto driftwood star as accent pieces, starting with the larger sizes, followed by medium-size ones, then adding accents and filling in holes with the smallest ones. Let dry completely before attaching to treetop with wire.

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