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White Glittered Star Tree Topper

Using white paint and glitter (and a touch of holiday magic), this wintry decoration is as fresh as the new fallen snow.

white glittered star tree topper

Photography: Shanna Sullivan

Source: Martha Stewart


These were used to decorate our Winter White Christmas tree.


  • White craft paint (Pictured: Martha Stewart Vintage Décor Paint in Wedding Cake, $10.99 for 8 fl. oz.,

  • White glitter (Pictured: Martha Stewart 24-Pack Holiday/Tinsel/Fine Glitter, $24.99,

  • Paintbrush (Pictured: Martha Stewart Flat Sash Brush, $18.99,

  • Spoon

  • White craft glue

  • Hot-glue gun 

  • Wooden dowel

  • Paint palette


  1. Cover star in two coats of paint; let dry completely. (Tip: Use a drying pin-board. This will prevent the color from pooling and drying in an uneven fashion.)

    glitter star tree topper DIY
  2. Add a little water to white craft glue to thin it slightly, then coat the surface of star with glue mixture. Working in sections, use a spoon to sprinkle glitter generously over the glue. Gently shake off excess. Let dry overnight.

    glitter star tree topper DIY
  3. Insert a wooden dowl into the end of star and secure with hot glue.

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