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Martha’s Countdown to the Holidays

Welcome to your holiday checklist and organization headquarters! Discover all of the Martha-designed products that will help you celebrate Christmas and ring in the new year.

Four Weeks Before Christmas

The Christmas season is gearing up! It’s time to start decorating the house and preparing for parties.

Start Decorating the House

Martha’s holiday décor collections are sure to add a festive touch to your entire home, from the mantel to dining table. Casual paper serveware and quick-to-assemble decorations makes it easy to check party planning off your to-do list. Faux greenery and coordinated trimmings create an elevated look and become collector’s items for your family to enjoy year after tear.

Personalize Your Home with DIY Projects

Break out the craft paint, stencils, and Cricut machine and turn ordinary items into unique decorations for your home. Choose projects that require minimal materials, dry time, and space so you don’t become overwhelmed. Interested in hosting a neighborhood gathering around the holidays? Reinvent the traditional group event by hosting a DIY “crafternoon.”

Make and Freeze Cookie Dough

Be prepared for impromptu party invites, school functions, and office get-togethers by always having cookie dough on hand. Properly stored dough can last up to three months, and freezing the dough won’t alter the baking instructions by much.

Three Weeks Before Christmas

It’s time to play Santa by drafting your gift list and beginning to shop. Plus, the holiday season is a great time to try new recipes. Start planning the menu for your holiday dinner parties, and determine what you’ll bring to the office potluck and neighborhood cookie exchange.

Draft Your Gift List and Begin Shopping

Start your holiday shopping early to beat the crowds and choose from the best selection. If you’re planning to shop online, keep in mind shipping schedules. Section your list by recipient, connection (family, neighbor, coworker), or interest (foodie, decorator, organizer) to make shopping more efficient. Also think about gifts that are easy to give to multiple people, like notebooks for coworkers and wine for party hostesses. If you need help thinking of the right gift, Martha has a few ideas.

Put a Personal Spin on Gifting

Gifts with a DIY touch are great for neighbors, coworkers, and party hostesses. You can keep the cost low by purchasing multiple of the same item, like coffee mugs and tote bags. Monogram the recipients’ initials, use their favorite color paints, or decorate with embellishments tailored to their personal styles.

Plan the Menu for Holiday Meals and Parties

Choose recipes that are easy to make and allow you to separate yourself from the kitchen to mingle with guests. Consider ordering meal kits for small gatherings; fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards arrive right at your front door. Martha’s library of cookbooks and new mobile app are great sources for menu planning inspiration.

Order the Premium Ingredients

Order these big ticket items now, which can be conveniently handled online, and rest assured the main attractions of your holiday feast are taken care. Consider ordering additional ingredients to have on-hand for unexpected holiday guests and last-minute dinner parties. Plus, a festive tin of confections or a bottle of wine are easy gifts for the office White Elephant gift exchange.

Put Together Your Shopping List

Now that the menu is planned and the big ticket items are ordered, identify the gaps in your pantry and refrigerator. Stay organized throughout the season by designating a notebook as your official grocery store companion. Martha’s new meal planner notebook features a weekly menu list on one side and grocery list on the other.

Pull Out Your Cookware and Food Prep Tools

Non-stick cookware and durable cooking tools allow you to spend time enjoying the day, instead of slaving over a hot stove and sink full of dishes. Martha’s collection of Culinary Science cookware and kitchen gadgets were expertly designed in our test kitchens to improve cooking efficiency and safety. Her enameled cast iron cookware is perfect for one-pot recipes that help reduce clean up time.

Start Making Cookies and Other Baked Goods

Defrost your pre-made cookie dough and heat up the oven! Turn Sunday afternoon into a family bake-off sweetened with fun cookie cutters, decorating kits, dyed icing, and flavored sprinkles. Have the kids decorate cookies for their school parties, while you perfect your signature confection for the neighborhood cookie exchange. Store treats in festive cookie jars or tins that double as countertop decoration.

Two Weeks Before Christmas

Be our guest! This week, it’s all about preparing your home for out-of-town friends and family. You can also begin preparing the table for Christmas dinner; it’ll save time later on, plus it’s an easy way to decorate the dining room.

Clean and Prep the Guest Areas

Keep guests cozy with layered bedding, plush robes, and festive decorative pillows. Throws laid at the end of the bed can be brought into the living room for a movie night by the fire. Bath towels in different colors or patterns help guests remember which one is theirs, and quick-dry fabric keeps them fresh.

Spruce up the Yard

Take time now to handle garden cleanup projects before holiday guests arrive. Martha’s garden care and outdoor living collections make even the most challenging tasks easy and enjoyable.

Iron the Table Linens

Pull out napkins, table runners, and other linens and scan them for rips, stains, and other wear (check out more linen care tips here!). If you find you’re in need of new linens, Martha’s coordinated holiday dinnerware collection features a bright, festive red and white color scheme that carries through from napkin to dinner plate.

Set the Table for Christmas Dinner

One task you can complete before Christmas guests arrive is setting the table with linens, dinnerware, and tabletop trimmings. Beautiful dishes and serving platters printed with seasonal motifs can double as decorations. We also recommend taking inventory of serveware and utensils to make sure you don’t run short right before the big feast.

Stock the Bar for Celebratory Toasts

Prep your bar so it’s ready to use when guests arrive. Stock it with alcoholic and kid-friendly drink options, a variety of glasses and mugs, and proper barware. Coordinated bar tools and accessories let you stir and pour with ease, plus it creates a polished look.

Start Wrapping Gifts

Get a head start to avoid a wrapping marathon come Christmas Eve night. Add a touch of DIY to your gifts with Martha’s holiday projects for wrap, boxes, and card holders.


Get Inspired: With Our Best Gift-Wrapping Tips and Techniques Here

One Week Before Christmas

Can you hear the sleigh bells? Take care of last minute gifts, set the table and tidy the house, and start preparing dishes that can be made ahead of time.

Shop for Last-Minute Gifts

Whether you still need a stocking stuffer or a small gift to supplement a larger one, Martha’s collections are sure to round out your holiday shopping. The best part: Many are available on Amazon with 2-day shipping!

Pack for Holiday Travel

Start organizing your airline tickets, passport, car rental paperwork, and accommodation confirmation now so you aren’t scrambling the morning of your flight. This hardworking backpack from Martha’s travel essentials collection features top handles and adjustable straps, plus the rear bottom pocket unzips to allow the bag to slip over the handle of your rolling luggage. The interior padded sleeve protects your laptop or tablet, and the exterior pockets keep essentials close at hand.

Shop for Menu Ingredients and Start Prepping Make-Ahead Dishes

Don’t save grocery shopping and cooking for the last minute; there are certain dishes you can prepare now to save time on Christmas morning. Prepare the cranberry sauce, make the gravy, and bake the sweet treats. Martha’s library of cookbooks covers a wide and delicious range of foods and cooking methods, and can be ordered on Amazon Prime.

Tidy the House

Besides the usual housekeeping chores like vacuuming and dusting, cozy up your home with decorative pillows and throws. Your guests will appreciate the home-away-from-home feel and you’ll enjoy the additions long into the cold winter months.

Don’t Forget the Pets

Make sure four-legged family members are kept occupied while you’re busy preparing for the holiday season. Durable, engaging toys can be a source of endless fun and help to promote dental health and active play time. If you’re traveling, make sure you have a safe and comfortable harness, leash, carrier, and sealable bowls for food and water. It’s also a good idea to tackle bath time with either with shampoo and conditioner or a quick-cleaning wipe if you’re short on time.

One Week Before the New Year

10, 9, 8, 7… The year is coming to a close, and so does our Countdown to the Holidays! Set yourself up for a celebratory 2019 with a toast at midnight.

Get Ready to Celebrate the New Year

Pop the bubbly, pass the appetizers, and say cheers to a new year! Make sure your cocktail shaker and bar tools are clean and polished after Christmas celebrations. Stock the bar with ease by ordering curated wine packs and individual bottles online. Martha’s collection of cookbooks will help you build a menu of delicious finger foods that can be enjoyed all night long.

Switch Out Your Calendars

Make it an organized new year by switching out your 2018 calendars, storing dated paperwork, updating your go-to notebook, and tidying your desktop. Martha’s collection of organization solutions are coordinated to work as a system, so you can outfit your entire workspace with beautifully designed and functional products.

Refresh Your Dinner Routine

Ready or not, it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. If yours is to cook more often at home, try new recipes, or eat healthier, Martha & Marley Spoon meal kits can help. You’ll receive fresh pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards at your doorstep each week.